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Monday, October 10, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 6 Review: Bolt Break

Well this episode starts off with a little recap of Jake tricking Gen as he stole the Elek switch from him. During the fight Gen now cant use the Elek switch, but for some reason he doesnt say anything and tries to fight him off. Even with the Launcher switch though Nitta mostly pwns him as he leaves because his target is Jake, but he will not hold back next time. Scorpio was there as well as he leaves and reports to the red eyed man. It seems that Nitta actually powered up the switch as it changed to fit his fighting style just like stars take power around them. The opening comes up then and already a big change as we see the new switches and the Elek State form. Well at the school Kengo tries to talk to Gen, but he ignores him the whole time by studying the whole time.

Gen gets back to Jake as well and tells him about the situation and how he cannot tell Kengo that he lost a switch because they are from his dead father. Now Jake hangs around him as Gen looks around for the switch, during the search Jake calls his friend about the plan to hang around Gen to defend himself as his two friends are attacked by Nitta. Nitta then catches up with Gen and Jake as he tells Gen why he hates Jake so much. Back then Jake was pretending to be his friend, but he just used him as a human shield when a couple of punks attacked. Nitta got a broken arm from the attack and he couldnt fence in the tournament. Nitta and Gen transform as they fight and when Jake leaves he gets tripped by Nitta's sword as he drops the Elek switch. Now Gen sees that Jake used him like he did to Nitta as Nitta takes Gen out and kidnaps Jake. Nitta took him to a factory where he is going to kill Jake, but if one friend comes to this area in one hour he will spare him. So he lets Jake call anyone he can, but no one would help. Tomoko finds Gen knocked out, but she thought he was dead as she lets him rest, but she finds out he was alive and somehow gets him to thr gang. Gen wakes up in the Rabbit Hutch as Kengo is mad about Gen not telling him about losing the switch and to Jake of all people. Gentaro leaves though still trying to save him even though he was backstabbed because even if Jake is a tool he is still a person. Yuki tells him where he is and he leaves as Kengo is left to think.

Time is up though as Nitta's switch goes into Last One, but Gen makes it before he transforms. Nitta is confused about why he is even here trying to help him. Gen says he wont forgive Jake, but he will become friends with him to show what friendship really is to Jake. Nitta though uses the switch and fights Gen. When Nitta is distracted the fry foodroid gets Jake free as he tries to help Gen, but there was too much going on inside as they all get out. Jake gives Gen the Elek switch back as he uses it and a the first form change is revealed. The Elek State form which is a nice gold form that can use the sword without any trouble. The sword has three sockets as they do soemthing different, one is just sending electricity to the enemy with contact. The 2nd one can sends a beam like attack and the 3rd one is like a whip I guess as it wraps around Nitta. To use the Limit Break the Elek switch is put in the blade as Gen uses Rider Ten Million Bolt Break and finishes the Zodiart off. Everything is all good now as Gen now is going to help Nitta change his ways as well. With the villians the red eyed man gives the Scorpio Zodiart to take further action on Fourze to see if Gen can take in the full power of Fourze. Jake also becomes part of the Kamen Rider Club, but Kengo doesnt seem to accpet for now as he tries to kick him out of the Rabbit Hutch.

For me this is the best episodie so far in the series, first the new form is really impressive with a great weapon that can be close and far range. Also the music during that fight was amazing. Jake is an interesting character as he saw no point in friendship because he thought that people would only use each other to get what they want. Nitta was an great villian for these episodes as he proved to be a great challenge for Fourze and shown the hidden potentials in the Zodiarts. Then there is more mystery with the red eyed man because we still dont know his plans yet, but he has a big focus on Fourze's powers. It was a very well written and the action was great as well so its mostly a flawless episode imo an A+

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