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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Episode 18 Review: The Duel

Well sadly Power Ranger Samurai did go back to their copy and paste, but it isnt as bad as other episodes. Well first we see the scene where Dayu runs off again as we see that Decker wants no one to touch Jayden. He fights off moogers and original footage see Saban it isnt that hard. The team regroup as Mia talks about the dream she saw and said she hesitated during the fight because Dayu was human. The group then talk about how they need to deal with Decker. Kevin who is actually not that bad at acting in this episode doesnt want Jayden to fight because a Samurai doesnt fight just for the fight. Jayden then says that Decker threaten citizens so it isnt a pointless fight as Decker needs to be taken care of. The rhino monster is given another chance to fight as well as he is going to eat people outside of their dreams. Decker meets up with Dayu as he says that the battle he is waiting for is coming and he will be free if we wins or loses. Before Jayden leaves for his fight the rhino monster appears as Kevin is given Jayden's discs as he leaves for his battle. The team fight off the monster while Jayden fights Decker. Kevin finishes him off with the arrow attack and then finished off with the Samurai Strike with the mechas. Oh and why couldn't gold fight, Antonio said he was to weak by that he was tired (yea this makes me like him (Sarcasm)). Jayden beats Decker by letting him stab him and then finishing him off. Decker falls off the cliff, but he actually vanishes! The team help him up as they eat and talk about their duties.

I know this was a quick reivew, but what do you expect its a copy and paste episode. If you saw Shinkenger you know what happens in this one then. Other then that though this episode is ok, there were good original moments with fight scenes and the editing is well done at times as it is hard to tell which is the original footage at times. The episode also cut down on the puns and felt more of a serious episode. They even show a stab for the first time I mean really it took this long! Also if they didn't want stabs use your own footage you did it in this episode! Also Decker vanishes does this mean he is actually dead? In Shinkenger Juuzo comes back, but will this happen in Samurai now. I think so because when a new villian shows up I bet Decker will be back because he was saved or revived by the new villian. Mia and Emily are still bad at acting, but Kevin was shocking good in this episode I think he is better at acting when he is angry. He was still on or off at times, but he was on more than usual. With an cut and copy episode that used different footage and having an actor getting better I give it a C. Next week is the origin, yippe.....

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