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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poll Results #9

Your Opnion On Power Rangers
Only Like Saban Series- 23
Only Liked Disney Series-0
Like All Series-14
Hate All Series-3

Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, or Metal Hero Which Is Your Favorite?
Super Sentai- 27
Kamen Rider-26
Metal Hero-4

Did You Like Episode 4 Of Fourze?

What Do You Think About The New Movie Riders?
Like Both-14
Hate Both-0
Like Poseidon More-8
Like Nadeshiko More-0

How Do You Feel About The RPM and Samurai Crossover?
Not Sure-6

Do You Think Gobusters Will Be The Next Sentai Series?
Random Question: Do You Like The Ghostbusters Films?
Yes To Both-17
Yes To The First One-2
Yes To The Second-0
No To Both-0

Do You Think The Gokaiger And Gavan Team Up Is Real?
No, But That Would Be Awsome-3

Will You Continue To Watch Power Rangers Samurai?

Are You Excited For Megamax?
My Thoughts
I am mostly a fan of the Saban series as they did some original ideas, not like with Samurai right now expect for that one moment. The Disney did have some good ones though like Dino Thunder and RPM, but the ones that sucked really did suck. Episode 4 of Fourze was great because of how the characters are already proving me wrong and do act differently from time to time. I'm with Poseidon with the movie riders because his design looks good while the other one as an ok look, but for me the helmet makes me laugh. I am mad about the Samurai and RPM crossover because Samurai is mostly unoriginal and now they are going to drag RPM with them. I am hoping that Gobusters will be the next sentai series and yes I love Ghostbusters, whenever it is on I dont care where it is I'm watching it! The Gavan and Gokaiger teamup looks very reasonable since it seems more rumors are connecting to it, they have the actor, and it could reboot the metal hero franchise. I will continue to watch Samurai because of episode 17, but I still dont have high expectations. Megamax looks like it will be awsome and there is a rumor that a black man will appear and people think its J from Faiz, but just because his race is black doesnt mean its him it could be a black monster like Titan from Stronger. Finally I'm more of a Kamen Rider fan I love single heroes more than a team even though riders can partner they mostly fight alone and they have more complex plots.


  1. With the exception of a couple of seasons, I pretty much hate all the PR seasons. No offense to any fan. xD

    Gonna have to go with Sentai as my favorite, easily. I love like 18 of it's seasons. Kamen Rider, just like about 4. I like some Metal Heroes, but I don't care too much for it like I do with Sentai and Rider. And I don't like Ultraman in general. I personally think Sentai has the most complex plots, whereas Rider usually tries to but doesn't quite make it there imo (save for a few seasons).

    Ep 4 of Fourze was neat. So far the show has been great, even if still rather weird. lol xD Miu got herself some pretty good development.

    The Movie Riders look interesting.

    From what I've heard about the Samurai and RPM crossover... it doesn't sound impressive. -__-

    Not sure what the next sentai will be called. I also haven't seen Ghostbusters before.

    I really hope that that Gavan team up is fake. I don't want any Metal Heroes taking up space in the Sentai anniversary. Nothing against Gavan or anything. But if he's gonna pop up, then give him his own movie. No reason to have him invade Sentai's anniversary. Makes no sense at all.

    Nah, not watching Samurai. It already died for me. xD

    I'm very excited for Megamax. Throughout the last 3 shows, we were given hints about a potential connection between the worlds of W, OOO, and Fourze. A prime example being Foundation X. I think whatever the story might be, it's gonna kick ass! =D

  2. Super Sentai mostly keeps the same formula they had for a while. The plot is simple for me, but its the characters that make the show mostly. There are some good complex sentai series like bioman, but there are simple ones like carranger. Its mostly the 2000's rider series that have begun the complex plots. Kuuga was simple, but there was a whole mystery about his powers. Agito had a mystery as well, but about one big event and how it all connects. Ryuki has the rider war plot and why it was even started. Faiz had a mix they had strong characters and a good plot with the monster of the series and how the powers were made. Blade had the undead war and the secert of Joker. Hibiki was simple I will say that, but there were great character plots. Kabuto also went to a simple format, but it did have a story as well. Den-o did have a story, but it took too long to actually introduce it. Kiva had the past mostly affect the series with showing what happened and how it affects today. Decade was a little messy, but Decade had to save the rider worlds from being destoryed and remember only destruction can bring life. Double was amazing with the simple, but affective detective episodes and having a big character plot for Phillip and the Sonzaki family and how it connects to everyone else. OOO had a similar mystery like Kuuga did because who knew what OOO could do. Now there is Fourze and this time its about a high school life, but where did the switches even come from and how were they made?