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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Gobuster Rumors

Well even more rumors are coming out and I think this will probably be the closest the rumors have gotten to because it sounds about right. First with the cast it's starting out with Red, Blue, and Yellow I am still hoping for the first female black warrior though. It is also said that the heroine which will probably be yellow is a favorite among "maniacs." The rumor also says a former Space Sheriff will guide the three so high chance it will be Sharivan or Shaider. We still hear about the partner robos and their motives is food? Meats, Vegetables, and fruit as the fourth robo will be fish. I guess the animal motif will work with this, but it kinda seems weird to have food as a motif. The big robo will be a mix of GekiTouja and SirenBuilder which sounds odd, but I have to see it. Their transformation devices are some type of smart phones which makes sense since those items have been taking over and works well with the "power in the pocket" motif. Finally we see the possible Ghostbusters motives with the monsters being supernatural creatures mostly ghosts and having a focus on comedy. This sounds great if the humor is done well and it could be like the Ghostbusters films at times which sounds great because I always laugh while watching those two movies. Also could there be any little references to the movie franchise?

 How cool would to be to see him in the series? 

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