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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Go-busters Episode 13 Review: R and R

As I said before I am trying a new format for my reviews. The way I am doing them is starting to feel like a chore and it really takes a lot of time to do. So I think I’m going to follow Orends Range way of doing reviews. I will focus on key parts of the episodes like the characters and action. Also I will look at new added elements like new characters and if something feels very different from the usual episode for the series.  First is the plot of this episode and it revolves around the team with a surprise day off. Yoko had the idea to relax for once and again this is another usual sentai episode. Whenever the duty of fighting monsters is seen more like a job a day off is needed the last time this was seen was in Shinkenger. Yoko has many surprises for the gang as she planned this very well. I like seeing this it adds on to the kid like emotions Yoko has as she wants to make her teammates happy and she wants fun also.
The interactions between the characters were the usual things, but the comedy helped out with this. First I liked to see some of the happier sides of the teammate’s sure Hiro still acted the same, but Gori, Usada, Nick, and Ryuji were more cheerful. Then there was some comedy like with Nick getting lost even at an amusement park even though he had a map. With Usada he wanted to go on some rides, but instead Yoko fused fun and work together. She makes Usada go on rides to search for the enemy. Hiro even gave some criticism to the metaroid about his music. Along with that Hiro’s usual attitude does put down Yoko a little because he is putting working before fun and thinks the day off is over which saddens Yoko.
For the villains we see Messiah in a different way this time. He wants more enertron for the build of the new megazord and what I found surprising is that he seemed more calm than usual. He goes basaltic whenever he tells Enter what to do, but this time he just told him to “Shut up and work.” I liked this because Messiah for a while always acted like a baby, yes he is still complaining about getting things, but his attitude in this episode helps make his image look a little better. Of course when Enter makes his move with the Tubaroid it goes to where the Busters are. The metaroid for this episode is odd; he is made from a musical horn and leads a marching band of grunts. For some reason this makes me think of Ohranger since the series and it’s movie were strange at times. The oddest part of the monster is that his main weapon the tuba doesn’t seem to do anything and the same for the megazord, but just wait because Enter uses his tricky once more. Enter actually summons two metaroids this episode and thanks to his strategy he makes the first one hit the team with a sound wave and I guess the second one will probably do something with that.
Something new is that the commander isn’t around for some reason and we see him looking into the hyperspace. This could be a time where the plot can begin to move a little as I wonder what is exactly in there that interests him. The action was good it felt different thanks to some of the camera angles and how the enemy attacked was more intelligent. We still got the same things though like with Ryuji using his close combat and Yoko hopping around, but Hiro didn’t do his super speed for this episode. The megazord fight was very quick, but it was like that for a reason. This actually happens even before the half time mark of the episode. This is one thing that is very different, a mecha battle can begin before the halftime mark, but ending in it as well is new. A sentai mecha battle can also happen in the beginning of the episode, but this was unique.
Overall the episode is good, but this episode does end with a cliff hanger when the second roid appears before the team. My only problem with this is how this episode was paced. I mean it felt like the writers didn’t even try to make it a one parter. By that I mean things just go by too fast and any odd moment is just going left to be explained in the next episode which is not well. Kamen Rider series have been doing the two arc style for a while and things are mostly explained in the first part. The second part is meant to be the conclusion. So I give it a C+ it had some unique moments, but the pacing just kills it for me and I bet the second part will be much better (just like recent Fourze episodes).
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  1. I thought the pacing of this particular two part episode was fine, and the episode was enjoyable. Where the pacing has really been a drag is with the storyline. I mean, how many episodes does it take before Enter finally creates his own Busters Machine?

  2. For me the scenes just go to quickly and then some scenes just pad things out. It was a really uneven pace for this episode. Like how quickly some of the little interactions went like Ryuji and Gori's scene was short compared to some of the others. Then there was the scene with Yoko and Hiro where she starts to think. It was nice to see her sadden by Hiro's words, but her silence was just used to drag some time.