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Friday, March 1, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 4 Review: Lying is Bad M'kay

Another Megaforce episode review before the start of Sentai Month for today, but don't worry my first post for that special will be up by today. With this episode of Megaforce, Creepox is going on the move to show the other two villains how weak humans are. Meanwhile a random guy named Jordan is telling people that he is a Power Ranger.
I will first talk about this Jordan guy because his character had a lot more than what I was expecting. I was thinking when he jumped into battle he would just run away and that would ruin everything then. That doesn't happen though as he wants to meet the actual rangers. Even though he did lie about being a ranger I can tell he has a lot of devotion for being one. At first I was thinking he just wanted the people to accept him and stuff like that, but I feel that he has some heroic feelings. Then how he learned that becoming a ranger is harder than it looks he then learns that he should stay as himself. I liked it when he told everyone the truth then and the people leave him. I was expecting for the people to take his apology, but nope they were sick of him for lying. At least he still keeps a clean mind. So a cliche idea like a person pretending to be a hero was done somewhat differently which I can respect.
This was also a focus episode for Troy as he trains himself and the others and has his first fight with Creepox. Troy is showing off some great leader qualities by training and soon using that training to teach the others. Cause his quick reflexes really work well on the fast Dragonfly and Creepox. The dubbing during his first fight with Creepox was well done as things were put in nicely. I even like their conversation of who should be on the planet since it makes me think of the villains some more. Creepox said the insects were on the planet longer so are the villains some higher race of insects that want to take the world for their lower brethren? For Troy he says the humans will stay of course, but he doesn't say that they will take over the other living creatures. It's a good start for their rivalry as they have a little more meat on the bone compared to Alata's rivalry in the first part of the show.
Going on with how Troy helped the team with their reflexes it really helps with the teamwork motif of the show. Troy is helping them out so that they don't get splattered around the floor. Now in episode six the four trained together which is still nice since Alata was wounded, but not by much. I prefer having the leader be the teacher though as it shows nice workmanship in the whole team. For a show about working together as a team it's great to see moments like these. Then another great part of the team is that they then teach Jordan about lying. Again cliche, yes, but I just liking seeing the team working together well like this.
Like in the previous episode there were great moments of splicing in some original footage since Jordan is only in Megaforce. They even use an attack the creature uses in the stock footage and it blends in well. Nothing seemed off and there wasn't any hiccups with the transition between both footage, unlike episode three which had that really big issue. There was more stock footage used in this episode compared to the previous, but the dubbing didn't really bring this episode down which is unusual for Power Rangers as there is mostly that one moment with the dubbing that bugs me.
This is a much better episode compared to the previous ones as things with the team seem to be progressing. Troy for this episode shows off some good leader qualities and seeing him hold his own with one of the main villains is fun. The other team didn't have much to do, but it was a focus episode for Troy and we already got some nice things from Noah and Jake already. Not a lot for the female members though since Emma didn't get much overall and Gia only had that one moments in episode two. I bet that will be in the next episode, but for this episode I give it a B- since it had cliches, but worked well with them to spice things up.

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