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Monday, May 19, 2014


Sorry for not getting any Toqger done for the last week as I was too concentrated on Godzilla man! I did two articles for Herotaku about the awesome monster. First is my favorite films and yes I made this list after watching the new film ( Then with the announcement of the sequel already in the works I talk about the possible outcomes there could be for this sequel since the new movie had many Easter eggs and could be hinting to what could be in the sequel ( I love Godzilla very much and I'm happy to see it come back to the theaters and dominate the box office already. Also there have been some flak for the movie, mostly from the casual viewers more than the actual fans. If you want to listen to a review well there is Matt from Two Best Friends Play, he did a whole week a Godzilla videos and even did his final thoughts on the new movie. I will easily get a review for this film just like I did with Pacific Rim, but after watching it for three times or four...

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