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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Confused About The Fourze And OOO Movie (Spoiler Alert for OOO)

Well we all know this was coming, but I saw the ending of OOO and Im confused on how they can do this. Now if you are still reading this without seeing the ending see that first and come back here. These are RAW so no subs yet. You have to watch part 2 on the channel to hear the sound. Well with that how is this team up going to happen. If you say the ending of OOO you cleary see that all core medals get destroyed when Maki is defeated by OOO TaJaDol form with Ankh's last remaining powers. Also all the destroyed medals were sucked in and forever lost so even have the pieces is impossible. The only core that is still around is Ankh's core which is in two pieces meaning that yes Ankh is dead. So how can OOO fight along with Fourze if he has no cores to use. Also Fourze is in the same world as OOO so they can do any parallel world crap. Maybe they could do the movie before the ending of OOO, because we do know that Fourze will have his powers by then because he helps OOO in the 21 medals movie.

These could be the only medals left, unless something happens in the movie.

I reall hope that there isnt something really dumb like more core medals around because we know thats impossible because they were originally ten for each set of them and one was destroyed so make the greeed. Now during the greeeds final fights we know that their own medals were destroyed because of the purple medals. So that means there are even less for yellow, blue, and white cores. Uva had all of his and other medals before turning into the vessel, but he was destroyed along with Maki which is how the medals are destroyed. There were the king medals, but even they were destroyed by the purple medals inside of Eiji. I just have no idea how this team up will be possible unless they do it before Ankh change sides. I am happy that OOO had an ending that is happy and sad, but whats the point of this team up now if the hero cant even transform, does Eiji have the belt still? So who knows what can happen I just hope that isnt a parllel world or just somehow similar medals pop out of nowhere. It would be worse if the medals come back from their demise because they were clearly destroyed!

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