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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Return of Gai Yuuki Part 2

More pictures are coming out for the Jetman tribute and oh my goodness HES GOING TO FIGHT ALONG WITH THE TEAM! I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my favoirte tributes and this could mean that more veterans could fight along with the team because they can easily get their keys back and they can be taken out of them too. Now I think this was Aka Red's mission in the first place to return the powers to their owners. Thats what I think, but we will see what happens, still no picture of what the Jet Gokai-oh is though. There is also a pic of a villian so that will highly be the villian for the episode that means no Yutaka for this tribute, but there are three more left. Now I'm going to talk about the ending of Jetman so again if you didnt see it GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH! We finally find out that yes Gai Yuuki did die from being stabbed. Now people will go, "huh?" Its true though because Gai has been resurrected to fight again which is possible because we did see Dragon Ranger, TimeFire, and Abare Killer talk to Gai from afar. So this opens more possibilties of who could come in tribute episodes.

Also pics of Gozyu Gokai-oh are now realeased and its just Gokai-oh with Gozyujin's arms which is still nice to see because this means that the two mechs can easily combine which will happen when they use Go-onger's powers. Now what could this possibly mean for other powers that Gai has like Timeranger's and Zyuranger's. High chance they will be different because the other two have a drill so I cant wait for those powers.

Also another picture with Basco and his extra hero keys, but that isnt the important part here. In the corner we see Gokai Red holding onto a cannon which will be a finisher weapon for the team. This is tributing the common finisher weapon that has been used in sentai a lot, so its nice to see the new team get one as well. Lately these type of finisher weapons have been linking weapons to make it, but ones like Gekiranger's and mostly the showa sentai mostly had a big cannon to summon and finish off the monster. One thing I am hoping for in the Jetman tribute though is to hear Black Condor's theme during the fight!

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