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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Movie Riders

Movies with toku is very common now these days with every rider and sentai having a team up and their own movie. Even back then there were movies for these series and now Ultraman is doing great with their new character Zero with two movies and another one coming out soon. Ever since Agito there have been riders that only have been in movies execpt for OOO. Some of those characters are very rememorable and can affect the series, also after this I will do secondary its just hard because I always love secondary riders so that list will come out soon.

10. Kamen Rider Arc

In kamen rider kiva's movie there was two movie riders, Rey was a snow based rider that was a mecha kiva, he looked nice, but he couldnt compare to the giant rider Arc. Arc was a simple villian, he was sealed away and then when released posses a human to kill off the human race, so he could use the power of Arc. His design is awsome with black and sliver on his body, his belt really shows up with its white color, and his helmet really gives him the look of a devil. Also he has a flying form that was cgi, but looked damn amazing.

9. Kuuga's Rising Ultimate form
It may seem like im cheating with this, but in the decade movies they gave kuuga another form. The ultimate form that just looked epic with the black color and giving kuuga a really scary look was upgraded with gold armor. Now the suit is a little bulky and gives away the look of the ultimate form, but the gold is a nice touch and the bulkiness does make kuuga look more powerful.

8. Kamen Rider Psyga

Faiz had a real memorable movie, giving a reasonable what if premise with a great plot, also it had the first english speaking rider, Psyga. I mean he is still asian, but he speaks english and it does seem werid that he does, but it makes him more awsome. Also I liked how he had the jet pack it was a nice weapon, but I wished they used him a little more.
7. Kamen Rider Ryuga

Ryuki's movie was another what if premise, but this movie gave the rider franchise the first dark rider, Ryuga. He was the mirror Kidou and had the powers of the dark dragon. When he first came in the rider war he defeated Ouja, thats badass, Ouja killed many riders and was one of the strongest riders in the series and he gets pwned by Ryuga. Also Ryuga was in it for one thing and he easily killed people to complete that task.
6. Kamen Rider Shin

In the 1990's the series did stop for a while, but there were three movies that came out during that time, the first one was Shin Kamen Rider, but that was switched as he is called Kamen Rider Shin. Shin was movie that gave the original rider story more of a darker feel showing the risk of being a hero. Shin was a good character himself first being an experiment that soon goes wrong because of an evil man. Shin fights to survive for his life, too bad there wasnt a sequel when there was supposed to be.

5. Kamen Rider New Den-o

I remember den-o back then when it was just a series, it was a good series that was enjoyable to watch, but it got too popular and soon 8 movies were made, the third one though gave us an ending with New Den-o. New Den-o is the son of Ryotaro who is named Kotaro and fights with his imajin partner Teddy. Now during this movie he seemed like an ass, but during the cho den-o triology episode blue he was given more devleopment as his partner had to leave him. Kotaro still tried his best to fight though no matter what, its amazing how much he changed.

4. Kamen Rider Glaive

Blade's movie was epic, another reasonable plot and three movie riders, damn, but only one left an impression and that was Glaive. The design was nice and simple based on one of the undead cards he had gold armor and an A on the helmet and chest. I cant say much about him since it would spoil the movie though, damn.

3. Kamen Rider Eternal
Double is my fave rider series and they had great riders that also goes for their movie riders and Eternal was epic, having white armor with blue hands and having many maxium drive slots around his body. Katsumi was a mercenary who is a zombie he can never die unless he gets a certain serum once in a while, he fought with an awsome dagger with a maxium drive slot on it. He even uses all 26 of the T2 gaia memories at the final fight, he didnt get much of a character in that movie, but with the new Double movie it gave the story of Kastumi and how he actually was a Kamen Rider it was awsome to see how he fought on the side of good.

2. Kamen Rider Femme
Its the year 2003 and finally the franchise gets their first female rider (I think Tackle counts though). Well she was a woman who seduced men to steal from them it was mostly a little subplot for her mostly, but she wanted to kill Askura for the revenge of her sister. Also for being the first female rider I think she is the first white rider as well.

1. Kamen Rider Skull
I said I really loved double and I mean it and the first movie rider they had is my personal fave, Kamen Rider Skull. First he has a simple design, but it looks so badass even without the hat. Skull was Shotaro's mentor and was the father of Akkio, in the first episode he was shot three times in the back and dies. In the movie it seems that he was alive, but Shotaro starts to remember what happened and how he and Phillip became Double. There we see that Sokichi was on a task to find a boy who makes gaia memories and to save him. During that he fights Taboo and a bunch of henchmen, he transforms into Skull and god damn he is epic. His design and name is a homage to the work of Shotaro Ishinomori which gave inspiration to kamen rider, Skullman. Also he gets more focus in another double movie that crossovers with ooo and we see the path he takes as a lone rider. His voice was epic, he fought epicly, and just looked epic he is my fave movie rider so far. Now remember you can share your opinions, but no trolling ok.


  1. *Ahem* Kuuga had a white form. Does that count as a "white rider"?

    Also Glam cannot abide Rising Ultimate Kuuga ever being given praise. It is an aberration of everything that made Kuuga such an excellent series. It defiles the badassery that is his 'plain' Ultimate form and has such a "stronger forms have more crap glued onto them!" aesthetic that it just...*blech* That's such a Decade way of thinking.

    How can you improve on Ultimate Kuuga? His kick can DESTROY THE WORLD. He can ignore armor, set things in fire WITH HIS MIND, and did Glam mention the apocalypse power? How could Rising possibly improve on that? A world-destroying finger flick?

    The rest is agreeable. Though Glamador would put Shin above Femme. She was a bitch. And Den-O forms are still ugly. New Den-O being the ugliest of the bunch. That's no reason to dislike him though. Just a reason not to buy his toy.

  2. I like New Den-o design it's ten times better than any of Den-o forms (for me Climax Form is the worst). To be honest this was an old list I just wanted to post on the blog so looking back on some of my choices I still regret. Mostly Kuuga Rising Ultimate. If there was a new list that would be out of the list for sure. Also Kuuga's Growing form is white yes, but Femme is the first pure white rider and female rider. Overall I heavily regretting putting Rising Ultimate on the list, but it was an old one that I made when I was really starting to get obsessed with Kamen Rider.

  3. The english-speaking actor played as Psyga is not Japanese but Korean. I recognized him in a certain Korean soap opera. B-)

  4. I didn't say he was Japanese, but now I finally know what he is. For some reason I still want to think he's still somewhat American because when he speaks he has no accent.

  5. Ya know who else has really good foreign pronunciation? Tendo Souji's actor. He speaks really good English and French, accent wise anyway.

  6. I did hear about that, isn't he in a recent J-drama series right now or was it the live action Beck movie where he used his English?

  7. Just in the series he spoke French to a waiter with very good pronunciation (French is hard for anybody!) and in one of the post-credits movie plugs he pronounced "Strong" and "Stronger" so un-Japanese-like that my friend and I thought it was a different person speaking.

    I'd love to hear him speak whole lines.

  8. I really need to look this up, what is this series called. Also I would want to find the live action Beck movie since Beck is a really good anime series.

  9. I was referring to Kabuto, sorry if I didn't make that clear.

    Also I was wrong about the French. It was Italian he was speaking at the restaurant (Episode 29, ~7:45). He speaks some very short English in the post-credits plug after episodes 39 and 25.