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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Return of Gai Yuuki!

Well now there is now a picture of the fan favoirte of Jetman appearing in Gokaiger and he still looks good even after 20 years! This is the first pre zyuranger tribute and I really wonder how Gai is holding the celluar? Did someone just drop it or did he steal it like the badass he is, we have to wait to find out because the episode is coming out in September. Now this is the only pic I could find on the Jetman tribute so far and it is almost September and if you remember my post about possible team ups will Yutaka return to play one of his roles again? I am really hoping so and maybe Toei is keeping that a secert until the previews of the episode. If not there are three other sentai series they can do it in even though those can be hard to do. Well at least we can see Gai come back and if you say Jetman you knows what happens at the end of the series, but how will it be explained. Ok this will be spoilers for the ending of Jetman so if you havent seen it GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH! In the ending of Jetman, Gai was stabbed by a thug and still went to the wedding and it looked liked he died on the park bench. There is easily a chance though he survived though since it was one stab. There is the manga though and how the team had to get a new team mate, but we still dont know if that was Canon or not. There are also rumors going around about past sentai being revived for the battle, but did Dragon Ranger, Time Fire, and Abare Killer die again? Hopefully that will all be explained in the episode or it could even be a two parter all we know?

There is also more confirmation on the return of Yellow Lion, Jou from Liveman as it seems the episode could focus on the friend Jou lost during the series. Again I havent seen all of Liveman so dont spoil it for me alright (I'm trying to find it). So I really have no thought on this tribute episode, but it is another pre zyu one so I'm hyped. Also this still could be a Yutaka moment, but who knows Toei can do unexpected things. There is also the fact of Abare Blue coming back, but I also heard that Yellow will come back as well which will be nice because she did retire from acting so seeing her as her Sentai role for one final time will be nice. I saw about ten episode of Abaranger, but I stopped because I soon couldnt find good subs for the other episodes. I do know that Abare Blue himself did appear in the Eternal movie so maybe that is how Toei got him to play that role again. We are also getting tributes even though the Gokaigers have their powers already this could possibly mean that there could be special powers just for Gokai-oh because the Abare Killer is used for Gozyujin. I wonder what kind of powers that could be though same for Jetman and Liveman.

She is one my favorite yellow warriors, YEA!

For abaranger maybe it can be a summon finisher with Gokai-oh acting like the Bakuryuu Brachiosaurs and summon all the other mechs from the series. Jetman could have a bird transformation for Gokai-oh and the finisher could be it forming the Icarus Haken for the final attack. Liveman could be equips from Super Live Robo and doing the same finisher.


  1. What bugs me is that despite Abare Yellow confirmed to reappear, her actress Aiko Ito has announced retirement...

  2. I know that sucks and this could mean its her last time acting or the rumors are false. I hope they are true because seeing her one more time will be awsome and I hope they bring the alligator monster from the series