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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Kamen Rider Decade: Kamen Rider Gatekeeper

If you saw my comments in my top ten rider series post I did mention about how Decade was a disapointment, but not that big to me. Either way there was one thing I didnt like about Decade which was travelling to parallel worlds and not the actual worlds itself. They could have asily had Decade come into a time before, in between, or after the story of the rider series. I bet the issue was though the writing staff itself probably had issues with continuing the stories for the episodes. There can also be the fact about original actors coming back to their roles which we have saw with some, but not a lot. So my idea is similar to Decade in someways, but this hero is going to different worlds to prevent the worlds from becoming into one. Also with each world he could enter before the main story or after, also I will be using my own rider ideas as well for the beginning and then having my fan fiction part with original riders. I wont use every rider just the 2000's and some more showa like J and Shin. Like Decade my hero will forget everything he knew about his past life, but he is wanted dead for the crime of destorying a world. Decade was always called the destoryer of worlds, but did he? So I want my hero to be have this issue following him as people will be hunting him down from other worlds. This can be done because the worlds are coming closer together. Gatekeeper doesnt transform into other riders though he can only access their powers, until his final form which he can transform into other final forms. Also I'm using the idea of a past rider being a partner for my hero, this hero is Kamen Rider Satan. Both are seen as devils so they easily bond during his episode arc. Another thing that bothered me was that Decade only had two episodes in each world and it felt rushed at times. I want more focus on each world to make sure things are explained and not rushed. The secondary rider is called Realm and there is one Realm in each world and now with the bounty on Gatekeeper some want him dead or will protect him. The first villian is the one who put the bounty on Gatekeeper, but the main villian will come after who says he is from the same world as him. His name is Creation and he can create many things in each world and he wants Gatekeeper dead for revenge not for the death of their world, but for what Gatekeeper did to him. So thats my idea for a traveling rider I want more of a back story for Gatekeeper because Decade didnt do the best with that not even an origin on where the belt came from. So tell me what you think and remember be nice about your opinions. Who knows I could post parts of my idea on the blog.

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