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Monday, August 22, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 26 Review: Bing Bong!

Well its the second part of the Hurricanger tribute episode and last time Marvelous, Joe, and Luka are now trapped in a pocket dimension by Satorakura Jr. Now the other three want to save them with the powers of the Hurricangers, but Yousuke, Kouta, and Nanami disagree and want their own powers back. Gai is furious because if it wasnt for Marve and the others the ranger keys would have never been on Earth. Doc though calms him down and gives them their powers back even with the fact of losing powers. Doc and Ahim know what they are doing though and now the original Hurricangers return and go into the pocket dimension. Now Insarn and Barizorg attack the three until Satorakura returns. Now the three pirates are stuck in a quiz dimension and its very hard to get the right answer since they are all tricks. At first they try to get the answers right, but when the location changes and with a bomb attached to something which is called the prize they dont even care.

That is when the three ninjas jump in and try to fight Satorakura, but the prize is revealed to be the people who were changed to nuts. So now even the three Hurricangers are now trapped in the dimension and the only way out is for Satorakura to say "bing bong" The Gokaigers have no idea of what to do, but the other three make a quiz of their own with easy questions, but the last answer was "bing bong" so the chains come off and the Hurricangers gets the nuts before the explosion which gets all of them out of the dimension. Now the two teams are together and they transform and fight together! I really loved how awsome it was to see the three Hurricangers transform again they did the whole role call too. The Hurricanger role call is one of my favorites because of the "Sanjou" at the end.

Now beings the fight which is easily the best of the series so far because the Hurricangers used their moves again like Kouta's shadow clones, Nanami's water attack, and Red's sky assualt. Kouta even used Gokaiger's weapons because of the mix up going bad as Doc fights with one gun only and Joe with the Hayate Sumaru. Even the veterans fight the new commanders which is nice because seeing that even they prove a challenge to the veterans shows how powerful the villians are, but they soon retreat as they finish off Satorakura and the people are turned back to normal. Now begins the mech fights with Satorakura revived and Gokai-oh using a new power before that though the three ninjas give back their powers to the team seeing what the team is like gives them confidence in the Gokaigers. Now we finally get another form change power which imo is better than Shinken Gokai-oh I just like the design of this one more and not only is it a form change it can also be for a summon attack with the help of Furai Maru combining with Gokai-oh and doing the final attack.

Now the two teams go back to the ship where Luka and Joe seem to be learning some ninjustu from Kouta and Nanami. Also a picture for memory because you know Gai and how he freaks over sentai. So that was the end of the Hurricanger tribute and its another amazing episode. First the nostalgia was everywhere, I seen some of Hurricanger and I was loving this episode for Hurricanger fans this will probably be their favorite episode of Gokaiger so far because of some many parts reference to the series. Also the team up fight was amazing it was awsome to see the real powers of the Hurricanger because remember the Gokaigers only have a limited type of their powers. So seeing the true powers were nice to see in combat also seeing old moves which I mentioned before was awsome to see how the others work with that. Also with a new form change for the mech we could see less of Shinken Gokai-oh because this could be used more often now. This episode is easily one of the best tribute episodes showing a three veterans back and fighting along the team I give this episode an A+

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