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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Starts Soon!

Well OOO is going to have its final episode next week and I'm going to miss it like I do with all other rider series. Also full previews are being released for the new hero Fourze and I cant wait! It looks like another good series for the franchise. I think the school theme will be fun to watch reminding me that I got school soon as well, damn... By the preivew I think there will be new twists on fights in this series mostly with the bike that is similar to auto vajin, but this time its going to be cgi mostly. Which can be good news because kamen rider has been doing good with that also with sentai so it should be fine. Also I am already getting used to Fourze's design which I said I had no problem with it before, but my issue was with the belt mostly and Im already getting used to it because it doesnt look as big by the preview imo. So I cant wait for another year of Kamen Rider, Henshin!

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