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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Top Ten Main Kamen Riders

I did a list on my favorite rider series so far. This time I want to focus on the main heroes that make the shows. Also this time I can put showa riders in because I may have not seen all the episodes of a series, but it doesnt mean that I cant like the characters then.

10. Kamen Rider Ryuki and Dragon Knight
Shinji was like the basic hero who wanted to defend the people from the monsters, but why I like him because he learns about the fact that this is a war. Shinji didnt want riders to kill each other, but he soon realizes that he has to fight as well. I like that in heroes they are not afraid to fight. The same goes for his american counter part Kit who is similar as he doesnt want riders to fight, but he actually vented a rider. He gets through it though because a hero has to make harsh decisions. So both the original and the adaption got the main character right.

9. Kamen Rider Hibiki
A big reason why I love the Hibiki series is for the main character himself, I really like his carefree lifestyle. He is very relaxed and thats a good trait for a hero they can stay calm and fight. Also he is the mentor for Asumu and if it wansnt for his teaching who knows how Asumu could have ended to be. Hibiki also had great interaction with the other characters if it is serious or funny. He even helps out friends when it matters the most like near the end.

8. Kamen Rider Amazon
I really enjoy his brutal fighting stlye, sure he acts like an idiot, but he is a jungle boy. Also he learns pretty quick about society in the amount of episodes the series has. Mostly it is his fighting style it fits his motif greatly and it easily influenced other riders like Shin and Gills. Amazon is one tough fighter you do not want to mess with he will rip your freaking arms off!

7. Kamen Rider OOO
Eiji is a good hero, but what prevents him from being higher on the list his character has been done before. Eiji wants to protect everyone and he always puts their lives first before his. Its very similar to Godai who is Kuuga both of them put the others before them. Godai was the original and Eiji is very similar to Godai I like that he has a story to really support his ideals because he couldnt protect someone in his reach. Also like Godai he fights even though he knows nothing about the powers he has it really shows bravery.

6. Kamen Rider Ichigo
Of course the original rider was going to be in this list. I mean he is probably the best basic hero I have seen. What makes him different then some of those heroes though he was given the powers from an evil force. Hongo got away though and protects the world from Shocker, its that simplicity that makes him awsome and his character is just great.

5. Kamen Rider V3
I can see why V3 became a huge fan favorite of the showa era in the very beginning of the series his family is killed by the new evil Destron. Not only that he protected the original riders and because of that they gave their powers to him becoming V3. In the second episode the original riders actually offer themselves for the protection of the cities and now V3 fights alone until the day they return. V3 really can prove himself at times when he fights two monsters at the same time in the first batch of episodes. He even has hidden powers that he discovers with experience which I love because heroes who fight with unknown powers is awsome. Another big plus for V3 is that the death of his family and the two riders really affect him as he tries to become a lone wolf mostly. He doesnt want people to get involved with his fight because he saw what happens to people who do.

4. Kamen Rider Blade
Kenzaki is another hero who puts other before him, but he takes that in a further length. Ever since the death of his parents he thought he was weak and wanted to become stronger to defend lives. When he got the moment he took it and begun a path of a hero. Kenzaki even proves how strong he is with probably the toughest fights imo because in one battle he completely defeats a King without using the cards, badass! Also what he does in the ending is just shocking, also probably the most depressing ending of the whole franchise, but its my favoirte ending becuase a hero makes sacrifices.

3. Kamen Rider Black
Easily my favoirte rider of the showa era, Kotaro is an amazing hero who has similar traits to other riders its also mixed with new ones. Kotaro wants to rescue his brother and to stop Gorgom from taking over the world. Even with a great loss within his family Kotaro always tries to act the same to make sure the others dont get worried and then involved. Kotaro really shines though in the last episodes becuase the things he does affect his future and its depressing to see him realizing these things. Kotaro is a hero who really lost a lot of things in his life and he still fights on.

2. Kamen Rider Kuuga
I have metioned Kuuga before with Eiji being similar to him and Godai is one of the best heroes. When I actually think a lot about Godai his character is used a good amount of times in rider. Godai is a relaxed and carefree. He likes to live life its simple as that. Godai is another hero who jumps into danger with powers he has no knowledge of and learns more and more in every battle he has. Godai is also just enjoyable in his scenes his lifestyle is very enjoyable and understandable. When he sees someone cry he wants to help, but sometimes he knows he cant help everyone when it involves death that is why he fights to prevent tear and swears to protect everyone's smiles. With that in his mind he pushes himself and would even offer himself for that goal he is just a great example on what a hero needs to be.

1. Kamen Rider Double
If you say my recent posts you know how much I love the Double series and the main hero themselves is a big personal favorite of mine. First there are two characters which can really help in dialouge and devleopment. It also shows a bond between partners and how they fight together. In mostly every episode they are enjoyable in all of them mostly every damn scene I must say. Shotaro is a man who wants to become his boss, but his true self shows when its serious and he cant hide his real emotions. Phillip at first seemed like a smart ass, but we learn who he is and there are big things for him to deal with. Also these two go through tough fights if it is physcially or mentally. Also dont get me started on episode 48. If you know what I am talking about you know what happened (I cried so much when I saw that for the first time I saw that scene). Shotaro and Phillip are easily the best partners I have seen in super hero series.

So thats my list please dont be cruel about my opinions and I ask for you to comment your own, just be nice about them.