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Wednesday, August 17, 2011!!!!!

Well news of this got out with RRR Now this means that its going to happen! Still no news of which series it will be though. Everyone is saying its Decade which could be bad or good. It could be bad because of the fact of Decade's writing of how it went all over the place at times. This could be good because they can easily make new stories with the many worlds and even for the main hero. How will they use the other riders though, we know they can use the Black RX world easily because of Masked Rider, but there was also Black in there. Who knows maybe it will just be a solo hero who has mutplie powers fighting villians could be that simple. Saban could easily drop the world travel thing and just have Decade fight monsters which means they will have to use their own footage. Then everyone will be confused on where these powers came from so the original riders could have lost them like in Gokaiger with the sentai warriors. This could also mean new beginnings for other riders like Kabuto. If they do want to use Kuuga and Agito high chance they will use their own scenes. Its just I'm shocked now that this is actually real, but I'm still wondering which rider will be chosen to start a new franchise for Saban.

Who should it be?

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