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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Possibilty: More Team Ups In Gokaiger

We all know that the Hurricangers will fight once more time with the Gokaigers, but could this happen again with other tributes? I'm going to discuss on the two tributes that have been revealed so far and some I would like to see.
First we got the fan favoirte of the one of the best sentai series, Black Condor from Jetman. It would be awsome to see this badass fight again with the team. Who could they fight though that needs the help of a veteran. Well I think Tranza could easily come back since he didnt die. That would be amazing to see another veteran villian come back, to see a veteran warrior fighting him, and the fact the actor will be Yutaka Hirose! If you dont know this guy then you are missing out of my favoirte villians of super sentai! This guy mostly played as the rival villian for the leader. Also his acting was very good in each role he does. So seeing two veteran actors return in an episode or possibly a two parter will be blow my mind!

The next actor who was revealed to come back is Kazuhiko Nishimura, I saw a little bit of Jetman I am easily trying to find more episodes because this is another pre zyuranger sentai series. Also another thing with Liveman it had Yutaka as a villian so maybe in someway they can have his ghost or something like that attack again. Dr. Kemp could have kept himself alive somehow also because of all the science he learned, but it could easily keep him very weak until he finds a way to revive his body. This could be a two parter as well, but high chance that wont happen because Kemp is dead no doubt unless something happened in Liveman near the end because I didnt see the whole thing and dont spoil it for me either.

Since Boukenger still had a tribute episode there is a high chance that Dairanger could still get one, but who could come back. No doubt it is Ryuranger, but Shishi Ranger did appear in another sentai series before which was Hurricanger so he could come back as well. If the whole team does come back I would faint because Dairanger is becoming my favoirte sentai series I saw about 20 episodes and I want to see more. Again another possible chance to bring Yutaka back to play as Jin who is easily my favoirte of his characters. I know what happens to him so he probably wont come back for that, but maybe he could make a brief appearance to motivate Ryuranger or he could just come back as a hero. Jin was an anti hero so making him a villian isnt impossible, but high chance it would be done by a new Gorma who did the same revival that Emperor Gorma the 15th did in the series.

Go-onger had Saki come back in the movie, but the whole team did come back for the Shinkenger team up so they could easily be back also I remember rumors about Go On Red coming back. Go-onger was the first sentai series I saw so seeing the whole team come back would just make me fall over in joy. Since the Go-ongers had faced villians from different dimesions before they can easily do that again like in the Shinkenger team up. Also I know that Go-onger's great power would make a combination of Gokai-oh and Gozyujin so high chance it would be a big episode for that reveal, so a good chance for another team up that I am hoping to see.

I'm going to end it there for now because I dont know every sentai series like Dynaman. So I cant say how an episode can go for those series, but overall what I would like to see the most is that Yutaka returns as one of his roles hack could even be for the flashman tribute who knows?


  1. Oh yeah, Kemp is dead. But I doubt he'd fight against his friends if he came back. I'm not spoiling it for you, but if you saw Gao Vs Super Sentai, Yuusuke is at Kemp's grave. So that should say something about how the series ended.

  2. oh! I remember that now, I saw the gao vs ss so yea no kemp, but there are three other villians to pick from. High chance it can easily be Tranza because well he is still alive.