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Monday, August 15, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 25 Review: Going Nuts Over Space Ninjas

Well its time for another review and we are back to another tribute episode for Hurricanger. I havent seen a lot of Hurricanger, but I saw about 19 episodes so I barely know the two villians who appear in today's episode. Well the episode starts off with Gai teaching about the sentai warriors, first he goes over all the powers they got and in wrong order I must say because he said Gekiranger after Gaoranger. The team got the Gekiranger power after Dekaranger, silly Gai. Don and Ahim are going along with this so they can better understand Navi's predictions and use those powers for stragey. The other three though find this pointless and bail when Gai is going gaga for the fact that they met Akaranger and Big One saying how much he would want to meet them. Also just because of that I think there will be a lot of gay jokes for Gai, because Big One..... nvm.

Get it, hehe

The Zangyack get their new soldiers and it appears to be the sons of Satorakura and Sandaru. Sandaru JR freaks the hell out of Gil and Satorakura JR tries to hit on Insarn. The two then say they have a special plan and leave without saying it. Marve, Joe, and Luka talk about how Gai freaks out a little too much about sentai (hey wait till you meet me) soon though they see that people are being turned into nuts. Strange nuts though I must say they look like the blob creatures from Dragon Quest games. Satorakura is the first to attack the team and soon Sandaru comes in as well and the both of them work together very well to defeat them. The three use Liveman's and Abaranger's powers which is very nostalgic because first Hurricanger was based on Liveman and both of those teams started with three members with the same colors as well. Those dont work out because of the villians ninjustu tricks them again and again. Also during the fight Satorakura gropes Luka! I have a feeling that something like that happened in Hurricanger, poor Nanami. Before the fight though we see the three past heroes living their normal lives and jobs, but they dash off because of the presence of space ninjas. After the fight they see that there are space ninjas and worst of all its the sons of past villians.

The villians then show off their plan which is too turn all humans into nuts by a missle which was mentioned by Satorakura when they left. To start the missle though they need to roast some nuts so now they wait. The team start to talk about how people are being turned into nuts and the fact about a missle. Gai thinks of a plan though and transforms into BoukenSilver to track the source of the other nuts by using the radar. Also it seems Luka is shocked about that knowledge maybe she will stay next time? The team ambush the two and get the nuts and destory the missle, but the team is overpowered again by the ninjustu as they get the nuts back and try to send the whole team into a pocket dismension, but only Marve, Joe, and Luka were taken as they saved the other three. Satorakura then summons Magerappas as Sandaru turns giant. Gai uses Gozyujin to fight him off, but he is no match for Sandaru, but a shuriken comes out of nowhere and Furai Maru returns with a new look and helps Gai killing Sandaru. Near the end then the three veterans come out and fight the rest of the Magerappas out of suit! Then the three talk to Ahim, Don, and Gai about how they are not ready for their powers and say they want their powers back to fight off the villians. Yousuke says that those originally were their powers, but Gai is ticked off and says if Marve didnt find the ranger keys then the powers would have never been there.

So this a two parter episode as Marve and the other two are stuck in the pocket dimension along with the other nuts. This was a great episode I know for sure that the villians act exactly like their fathers and seeing three veterans back in action is amazing. Sure they aged, but they still look like they can fight as they did and Nanami still looks so lovely. Well...... the fights were great as well with the villians winning this time even though sometimes the team seemed like their were winning. The mecha fight was really quick with Gai losing at first, Furai Maru pinning down Sandaru, and Gai finishing him off. There were good quick funny moments and sure we didnt see a lot of the Hurricangers, but it was nice to see how they live their normal lives doing very similar jobs in the series. Nanami being the idol like she was in the Boukenger team up movie, Kouta taking care of older people this time which could mean he works at a retirement home or a hospital. Then Yousuke is working at the car wash or its the same company that does more for their customers. I cant wait for part two because I wonder if the three Gokaigers will have to fight the Hurricangers because they can probably steal their keys back and also notalgia is probably going to be busting through the roof. So this is a great episode with a good cliff hanger for a while making us think how the two teams will work together, B+


  1. There's some people who think Nanami's scene suggests that she's an actress instead of a singer. like the handout she was reading was a movie script. I did like one nod to her character. The guy in the truck who got turned into a nut was playing Nanami's song, "Shinobi Koi" on the radio. I actually liked the confrontation at the end, especially because Gai nearly gave up his ranger key in the Gingaman episode. To see him actually stand up for his team was cool. Can't wait for the next episode.

  2. I didnt hear that song thanks for pointing that out and yea seeing that Gai is remembering what KuroKishi said is very good for the writing.