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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poll Results #5

Do You Think Goseiger Will Be Adapted?
Yes, for it's own season- 12
Yes, for season 2 of samurai- 4
No- 3

Would You Like To See GoseiKnight Human In the Goseiger Adaption?
Yes- 8
No- 4

Do You Like The Idea Of GoseiGreen Being More Of A Character In The Goseiger Adaption?
Yes- 10
No- 4

My Thoughts
Well if you say my previous post about this you should know about my opinions. I would like to see Goseiger adapted for their own season, I would like to see a human side to Knight. Then finally seeing Green be more of a character would be very nice and Saban could easily do that for nostalgia to MMPR, but they have to make sure not to make him a Tommy clone.

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