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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 46 Review: Trust In Each Other

We begin this episode with Ninjaman still watching over the team. Everyone expect Gai properly is getting annoyed with him around and just want the powers of Kakuranger. Ninjaman though will not do as they because of his distrust and will train them. We then see the emperor wondering when reinforcements will come, but until then Insarn wants to try something. Her plan is to have JuJu a monster who can make people go against each other and he begins his plan by shooting people with darts, I guess? Back with the training, Marve, Joe, and Luka are not around. Either way though the training begins with the other three and Ahim throws Gai far! Both Doc and Gai get a chance to attack her, but hold back because they don't want to hurt her. Ninjaman is impressed by the three, but he senses something from afar and goes to check it out. The three follow him and he finds the monster as he summons some grunts. The three enter the fight and not Ninjaman for some reason, but he does give some criticism (just fight with them). The others show up now and JuJu thinks on who to attack and with Gai's and Don's back facing him he shoots them with the darts. He couldn't get anyone else though as Marve blocks his attack, but JuJu just runs away then.
With everything in set now the monster begins his ritual and the darts start to activate making people go crazy in anger. Don and Gai were hit before so they start to act differently as well and Don steals Marve's food (you fool!). Gai and Don then start to talk back at each other and Luka tries to shut them up, but they yell at her as well and call her an idiot (now you're dead). The two bickering heroes start to leave as they want to fight each and Ahim follows. Ninjaman though is wondering why the others didn't go with them and cannot trust people who ignore their comrades and after he is gone Marve sticks his sword at Navi and she has a job to do now (you didn't have to threaten her). Ninjaman sees one of the victims having an outrage and tries to calm him down, but him and Ahim soon see all the other victims going crazy as well. Well it seems why Marve put out his sword is because of the dart hitting it from before and Navi finds out that the material is giving out a strange reading. The two then find Don and Gai transforming and continuing their fight as they try to stop them. The three find where JuJu was hiding and try to stop his plans, but he eats his crystal ball so it wouldn't be destroyed. Now even Ninjaman can't take much of this anymore, but Ahim jumps in to try to stop it on her own.
You never steal Marvelous' food
Things don't work her way though as Don and Gai attack her. She continues though even out of her transformation and compliments the two on their kindness while dodging their attacks. The two get another chance to attack her at the same time with their weapons, but they stop like before. The two soon break through the powers of the darts by themselves and fall down to rest on Ahim (Jealousy!!!!). Ninjaman then soon realizes what he has been missing and apologizes to them for not trusting them. The three now hear news about the others fighting the Zangyack as they run off to help. Now in the fight the three use Sun Vulcan to fight the enemies off. The others reach them and Ninjaman apologizes to them as well. The whole team transforms now and while Gai takes on the Sgormin the rest of the team use Kakuranger. Gai finishes off the grunts in Gold Mode and says "Nin Nin" while the others use the Galleon Buster to destory JuJu and his crystal. With it destroyed everyone is free from the spell, but JuJu is revived and the fight goes on with the robos. JuJu os more of a threat in giant size as he proves to be a challenge and even using Dekaranger's powers didn't work on him.
Luckily though Ninjaman trusts the Gokaigers enough to give them Kakuranger's grand powers and when they used it nothing happens? Well it had a delay for some reason, but Ninjaman is the grand powers of Kakuranger as he grows big to help the team in the fight. Ninjaman gets the foe knocked down as the team use Kazen Gokai-oh to finish him off. After the fight, Basco sees that the team has gotten Kakuranger's powers. This is the last power so its going to be time for him to take those powers from them. Now that Ninjaman trusts the team and doesn't see any purpose for further training will not go visit his masters. The Gokaigers also know its going to be time for Basco to attack soon. We end the episode with the team having confidence in themselves that they will defeat Basco.
That's episode 46 and its a good tribute, but it felt a little different than the series. The episode uses the punk plot point which was used before in Sentai so a nice tribute there. The monster even feels like a tribute in someway, maybe Kakuranger had an episode like this? Well having Ninjaman around was nice, but I was surprised on how little he did. Sure he interacted with the team which was good, but the amount of fighting time he had was disappointing and for him being the grand power we didn't even see his finisher and I wanted to see him in Samurai mode too. The fights were still great though, but the mecha fight was just disappointing like another tribute episode did before. Ahim though was great because of her trust in Doc and Gai and acting like a motherly figure reminds me of other Sentai series. Overall its a good tribute episode, but I was expecting a lot more, a B-
Next Week: Marvelous!!!!!


  1. Let me see: Captain Marvelous=Monkey, Ahim De Famille=Crane/KakuRanger Leader taking Tsuruhime's place, Joe Gibken=Wolf, Luka Millfy=Bear and Don Dogoier=Toad/Frog. I'm telling you that the KakuRangers are better than the Alien Rangers. As Tu Chi Chen said, "Light up the bridge!" Was Nekomaru got destroyed by Zangyack/Youkai? "Hiding from the people and slashing evil, Ninja Task Force Hidden Rangers has been revealed!!! ARRR!!!"

  2. I barely remember the Alien Rangers, and I haven't seen Kakuranger yet. So maybe there were more tribute elements that I missed.