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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poll Results #18

Did You Like Episode 15 of Fourze?
Yes- 28
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 16 of Fourze?
Yes- 28
No- 1

What Do You Think Of 199 Hero Great Battle?
Great- 35
Good- 15
Bad- 1
Horrible- 0

How Would You Rate Kamen Rider Fourze So Far?
Great- 22
Good- 10
Bad- 0
Horrible- 1

How Would You Rate Kamen Rider Kiva?
Great- 15
Good- 11
Bad- 2
Horrible- 0

My Thoughts
The two episodes of Fourze did have my favorite Zodiart, but it also had the Glee Club who were mostly useless and even having a former actor from a rider series couldn't even boost them up a little. The 199 movie was great because of how it controlled itself even with over the top moments. Fourze for me is doing great because of it's good comedy which is better than Den-o IMO and there are many likeable characters. Kiva was my first rider series and even though I did remember a lot of the negatives, the positive moments were much stronger overall.

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