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Friday, January 13, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 17 Review: Ready?

The first thing we see is Meteor training until he gets info from his helper Tachibana (I get the reference now its to Tachibana from the original rider series). Tachibana tells Meteor that the plan to infiltrate the school will begin. First though is having contact with Fourze, Meteor cannot reveal his identity to Gentaro for some reason and their focus point is Aries a horoscope. We see the man who is Meteor and we hear that he wants to fight alone and he won't let anyone get in his way. Its the next day and Yuuki asks Kengo about the new rider, but there is no information on him and which means that his father didn't make the switch. Now the new rider himself appears in the class out of suit of course. His name is Ryusei and he is an exchange student from another school as said by Sonoda when Gentaro comes in a little late. Gentaro immediately tries to befriend Ryusei and he has to pretend to be a friend now. Now with a new friendship, Gentaro gets him a seat right behind him as he asks a girl to take Yamada's seat, a character that isn't around for some reason. Already Ryusei is seeing Gentaro as a nosy person because of the use of first names from the start. When Sonoda leaves after he talk about upcoming exams the students talk about a cat monster attacking students with good grades. Gentaro takes interest of this and gets some information and Ryusei is also seeing that starting at the school was a good decision.
Sadly the opening theme doesn't have Meteor in it yet, but oh well. In the cafeteria we see that Gen's hard work is paying off as he talks with more people than before. Ryusei technically he made contact with Fourze and he sees his handshake and sees no point in it. Kengo comes to the table, but another person comes along. His name is Nonomura and sort of talks trash on him, but also giving respect at the same time. This person also has a rivalry with grades (hmm I wonder). Gen hears the conservation and likes Nono's passion for grades and he tries to befriend him as well, but he gets rejected because it will affect Nono's grades. Next thing that happens is to prove how Gen works, Yuuki throws objects at him as he spins them with his body or items. Ryusei now just realizes that he is going to be hanging around him, but he has to act happy and then Nono ruins the fun by walking into Gen. After lunch, Ohsugi comes to yell at Gen again for not wearing the uniform, but he is fine with Ryusei because he's the transfer student. Also Ryusei saves the day as he schools Ohsugi about the fact that the school has no official dress code. With Ohsugi gone after his little tantrum, Ryusei he did it because they are friends. Yuuki is happy, but Gen tries to talk with Ryusei about being friends, but the Zodiart comes out and attacks!
Looks like it
The monster seems to be after Kengo (again hmm I wonder) and Ryusei is about to go into action, but he remembers his mission and pretends to run away. With Gen transformed as Fourze and Ryusei watching in the background the fight begins. Gentaro uses the Chain Array Switch and tries to distract the little kitty with a ball, yea it doesn't work. Now Gen uses a real strategy thanks to Kengo as he uses Hammer and Gatling and after that he closes into close range with Shield and Spike. The fight almost seems over as Gen gets ready for a Limit Break, but the bell rings and the cat leaves. Ryusei hears about the Rabbit Hutch and the Kamen Rider Club and follows the group. Confused where they went though he quickly finds out that the locker is a gateway because of Tomoko and Jake coming late. He gets into the Rabbit Hutch by making a distraction and climbs up into a hiding place. With Libra around there is a higher threat and Kengo is trying to get Gen used to the Switches so he can become no knowledgeable with them. Ryusei then hears about the new rider and he knows they mean him, but he doesn't care what he is called. Gentaro then realizes that the Zodiart had a strange hand reflex just like Nono and finds out that he was the Zodiart. Jake tells the group about a cafe he usually hangs around and the whole group take action. 
 Ryusei then contacts Tachibana after they leave and finds out about how the Hutch is on the moon. Tachibana explains that the possibility of the Astro Switches caused this and he still wants Ryusei to watch over Fourze. Since he fights the Zodiarts a lot and he could find Aries because of him as we see an image of a boy in a hospital bed. Gentaro then goes right up to Nono in the cafe asking for the switch. Of course Nono tries to act innocent, but he reveals that the Lynx was doing the same hand motion as him. Nono snaps and his switch goes into Last One as he uses it. Gen transforms, but Nono acts quickly and runs away with Jake. Getting to a stadium, Nono uses Jake as a hostage, Gen powers down, Nono attacks him, and takes the belt from him. Ryusei now goes into battle and transforms into Meteor and I like his Henshin music and sounds. He attacks with no hesitation and gets the belt and Jake away from Nono. After using the Jupiter attack we see Hayami and Sonoda watching the fight. Fourze jumps back in already, but Meteor doesn't care as he uses Saturn to attack and goes straight for the finisher! 
Nono though goes past Last One as the Zodiart is revived and this time Meteor lets him go? Gen is confused and tries to finish Nono again, but Ryusei uses another Limit Break to stop him. Everyone is confused because they thought he was on their side. Ryusei though is doing things by himself and we see his reasoning because a friend of his tried to use a switch, but it backfires against him. The friend, Jiro is now hospitalized, but Ryusei needs to help him. After a quick beat up on Fourze, Meteor reveals that he is after the Aries Zodiarts. He also knows that only people who only passed Last One can achieve the powers of the Horoscopes and wants the Zodiart alive until he can evolve or not. Gen tries to talk to him and asks about his reasons. but he doesn't need to tell them.
That's episode 17 the reveal of the new character Ryusei and it's pretty good. I am liking the new character a lot already as he really plays the anti-hero well and I can tell that part of him will last longer in the series than Accel's. Another enjoyable things about Ryusei was his little commentary in his head as it shows how he observes things and those moments can be funny. The character is also bringing more of a mystery along with the original story and that is what secondary riders are for to have a story that connects to the main. The fights were okay as not a lot happened, but seeing Fourze using more strategy and Meteor using different powers was great. Villains aren't much as well because Hayami just plays stalker again and Nono himself is boring because of his obsession with grades. It's an understandable plot point, but I have a feeling it won't go anywhere because this arc is for introduction of Ryusei. Overall I am liking the new rider, but that doesn't mean the whole episode should fall on him, a B.
Next Week: No teamwork allowed while Meteor is around!

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