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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 45 Review: The Lost Ninja

This is the last tribute episode it seems as the team look back on what powers they have and what Basco has. There is only one team left as it is Kakuranger as Navi begins her final fortune and says that there is no way of finding a ninja since its hiding. This prediction doesn't help in anyway possible and all seems lost, but after Ahim bringing up a shrine the team think about the shrine they protected. Flashing back to what Domon (Time Yellow) said about getting one of the great powers is to protect the temple. Joe hears the name Negakure and starts to repeat it until he finds out that in that word is kaku and piece by piece as letters are changed the word to Kakure. Now they go back to the temple looking around as Gai just yells out for the Kakuranger to appear (yea that didn't work). Marve though finds a strange bottle inside of the shrine and hears a voice in it! After hearing that someone is trapped inside of the bottle, Ahim realizes that they just have to break it as she does with the hammer. The bottle breaks and its Ninjaman! Gai freaks out like usual and Joe is shocked as well maybe because he didn't know he was part of Kakuranger. Luka asks why he was trapped in a bottle and he gives the team a narrative story about how he got too excited for justice so he was sealed away in the bottle for ten years.
The team now realizes of what Domon did for them as finding the Kakurangers would be nearly impossible, but now with Ninjaman alive they can get the powers from him. Ninjaman then thinks about why he wasn't sent free from his bottle and with more flashbacks Gai talks about the Legends War and how the Sentai powers were lost. Hearing the news now, Ninjaman starts to yell at himself and pounds the ground. Marve then just walks up to him wanting the great powers, but Doc drags him away saying being rude won't get them anything. Now the plan is to ease Ninjaman up before any talk about Kakurangers' powers as he is treated with food and having Luka in a kimono next to him (LUCKY!!!). Even Joe does something unusual and makes an appetizer for Ninjaman. Marve then does a performance with Navi as she is spun on top of an umbrella, but he goes too fast and Navi is sent flying into the food. With Joe down now as his "greatest creation" is ruined and Luka yelling at Marve all that hard work was done for nothing. Ninjaman then over hears what Gai said about being the 35th sentai and how they fight the Zangyack. He is confused because the past teams took the Zangyack down, but Ahim explains about the new fleet and flashbacks to the villains and their fights against them.
Now it seems that they can see their own flashbacks because Ninjaman asks how they change into the Kakurangers. They talk about the Ranger Keys and how Marve and the others collected the Sentai's lost powers. After the flashbacks of the team using past powers, Gai wants them to use the keys to impress Ninjaman. They transform and use blue keys then as Ninjaman is shocked to see a team of blue. A game is then used with the keys as the team transform into Lion based warriors as Ninjaman answers that they are a lion based team of course his answer came after the commercial break. Marve now talks to Ninjaman how they use the keys to achieve their dreams of getting the greatest treasure as they flashback to their meetings with past warriors and what powers they gave. They talk about how there is also someone else after the great powers and after many fights the only one left is Kakuranger. With all that said they ask Ninjaman for the great power, but he can't. It's because of his carefree attitude got people into trouble before and with that, trusting someone is a hard task for him. All hope isn't lost though as Ninjaman will watch over the team to see if they deserve the powers or not. Which means that Ninjaman will be with the team and will help fight the Zangyack as Gai and Ahim are happy, but the others aren't. We now see Tsuruhime saying that she was just going to let the Gokaigers defend the Earth themselves, but with Ninjaman around she leaves things into his hands.
That's the flashback episode and part one of the Kakuranger tribute for Gokaiger and I'm impressed by this episode. The usual flashbacks are just sort of there and just used for comedy. This episode is more on the comical side, but it makes sense to tell Ninjaman the story since he has been sealed away for the past ten years. Along with that I loved seeing Marvelous, Joe, and Luka act different as it seems they were actually having fun with what they were doing. The comedy works out greatly and tribute elements are used like when Ninjaman tells his story in a narrative. Sadly Tsuruhime only appeared for the last seconds of this episode, but maybe she will come again in the next episode. The use of flashback also can get a little annoying mostly since they show fights we have seen already. Overall though its an okay episode that can get some laughs and seeing Ninjaman again is always a delight, a C+
Next Week: Ahim is in danger!!!

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