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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meteor's New Form: Meteor Storm

Well it seems I was wrong about Meteor's next form as its a yellow form called Meteor Storm. I bet though there will be a comet form and it will be white. So the new form looks like is Meteor went into Elek States to me because of the yellow. His body will also become blue and his helmet will have two sets of spikes on it along with two shoulder pieces on his body. It's a pretty good form from what I see, but I will have to wait to see it in action first to really judge it. Also I'm wondering how he will get this new form, will it be a new switch? There are now rumors for Fourze's next States form with the 40th switch and it is called Cosmos. The Apolo States was the last rumored final form, but to me Apolo sounds like another name for Double Rocket States. I'm also wondering if Fourze uses Meteor's switch will that be another States form? Since Meteor can use Fourze's switches he can use Meteor's then. All I know there will be a lot more switches than just 40 as the S-1 and Meteor Switch is proof of that.

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