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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cosmic Power and Rider Keys!!!

Along with the upcoming Meteor Storm form the new form for Fourze has been revealed as Cosmic States. Now this does look like a final form, but I just have a feeling that this won't be the last form. The first thing I loved about this form is that the helmet looks really great! The usual rocket shape is still there, but the designs on the helmet itself looks very well done, but the red eyes does make this Fourze look evil. Along with new form comes another weapon which seems to be a sword again?
So this sword is called Barizun Sword and it will have two forms, a cover form which will make a rocket like weapon. The other form is a sword, but unlike Elek States this sword can work with more switches, mostly the circle switches, but by the form it seems Fourze will have easier access to the other switches. Meteor's new weapon is the HakkouKaiten Meteor Storm Shaft it seems the windmill thing at the top is the new switch. This weapon right now though looks really simple and can be used effectively, but who knows how the series could use this.
Now the time has finally come, the OOO keys! This means more rider keys are going to be made possibly and they will probably be on the new Mobirate. I can't wait to see the Gokaigers use these keys even though there are seven. Also I was hoping that they used Fourze's States forms because we already saw all the OOO forms fight together. Another new switch is coming as well the Super 3 switch and it will bring Fourze the Drill States, which hasn't been shown yet. Now this is going to be odd now, I wanted a States form that isn't only a circle switch, but what will happen when Fourze tries to use another States form switch? By the picture next to it as well I think the new robot from Go-busters will be using Rockets and Drills? Decade could be behind this because of the Final Form cards he has. This has been done before with Decade's final form as he turned into his own belt so Fourze will be doing the same. I wonder if OOO will have his final form in the movie as well. The Taisen movie just keeps getting more awesome news and I can't wait to see the Go-busters using his powers.

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