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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 20 Review: Why Doesnt Bullblack (Kurokishi) Count as a Sixth Ranger?

Well a new episode of Gokaiger aired with the Gingaman tribute this time. Navi gives the clue about the forest of ginga and Gai picked it up suddenly and brings out a book with the Gingaman on it. I was the same with Doc of how he got that? Anyways the group goes to look in the forest because Gai knows where it is I guess. I can find this possible because Gai is a huge sentai fan, but wasnt that supposed to be kept a secert? Anyways while going through the forest the group finds out they are stuck in a endless loop. Oh yea Doc brought donuts because of the Gingaman's past of fighting space pirates before. Soon Hyuuga comes flying out as Basco appears as well wanting him. Gai gets Hyuuga out, but the others fight the three extra heroes Dekamaster, Magimother, and Wolzard Fire. Marvelous fights the monkey though which didnt take long, but the others had trouble and are sent flying away. I liked during the fight that Doc kept holding onto the donuts and how it was balanced on his head at a point during the fight (LOL!).
He will protect your pastries!
Well Gai gets Hyuuga to safety and when Gai is talking about how he is still knew with being Gokai Silver Hyuuga offers himself to be Gokai Silver. Gai even talks about his past powers of Bullblack, but Hyuuga declines because he knows that is gone and wants to fight. I liked this character plot because Gai was actually ok with this at first because having a veteran fight again would be awsome! Also like Bullblack's weapons it was a sword/gun, Gokai Silver's weapon is a lance/gun so I think Hyuuga would get used to that weapon easily. Gai remembers though that he will be giving up his role and powers. Before he can decide Basco returns and attacks the two and tries to steal the power of gingaman from Hyuuga. The other three wake up at a river where they see Ryoma carrying Doc, after a quick talk they head off. Marvelous catches up with Basco, but is out-numbered by the three extra heroes with the addition of Bullblack. Hyuuga tries to take the Gokai Celluar, but Gai takes it as Marvelous says what kind of pirate gives up as he fights the four extra heroes out of suit and says he will fight to protect the planet. Hyuuga agrees saying that he wanted someone with confidence to fight. The team regroup and fight off the extra heroes.
The team transform into the Gingaman with the best tribute transformation so far, I love the Gingaman's transformation and Gokaiger made it even better. Gai fights the Bullblack summon and finishes it off with the Gold Mode finisher Gokai Legend Dream! As the team finish the other three with the gun finisher. Hyuuga gets the Bullblack key as the other three are snatched up by Sari as a new giant monster appears. Sadly the mecha fight didnt use the Gingaman's power, but it was a team up with Shinken Gokaioh (I know its epic, but it has been used too much) and Gojyujin as they use their finishers to finish the monster off. Gai has one final talk with Hyuuga as he gives him the Bullblack key and says its better for all sentai powers to be together. As the group leaves Ryoma meets up with Hyuuga who has the donuts! Well Ryoma says how those guys are the newest sentai as Hyuuga is fine with them so Ryoma is as well.

He has aged, but it's nice to see him again.

So that was episode 20 of Gokaiger and again it was a great episode like the others. It was interesting seeing Hyuuga wanting to fight again and I like the little dream Gai had with Hyuuga as Gokai Silver, it would have been awsome, but Gai is a good character. Ryoma was like Ban in the Dekaranger episode he just appeared, but he actually had a good talk with the team like Ban. Also the extra hero Bullblack was the focus just like Doggie in the Dekaranger episode. I still think Bullblack should have been a sixth ranger though, its because he was a sixth member. Sure he didnt have "Ginga" in his name, but Goseiknight is very similar, but isnt human and he counts? I think Bullblack should have replaced Abarekiller with the sixth ranger spot because Abaranger only had five members total. This episode would have been more interesting then because Hyuuga would want to become Bullblack again since the team would already have it. Next week is my favoirte sentai series tribute BOUKENGER!!! Akashi returns as so does RYUUWON!!! I so cant wait for that episode also a new power will be used because Gokaioh had the GouGou Sword like Daibouken.


  1. Nice analysis. I really loved this ep too. ^__^

    Oh btw, the name of the suit is Kurokishi (Black Knight), not Bullblack. Bullblack is the name of the first guy who had the suit, before it was passed on to Hyuuga. ;)

  2. For me though Bullblack just sounds like a sentai warrior to me. I guess I can call him KuroKishi, still he should be a sixth