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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Thoughts on Gokaiger So Far

Since I did a post about how much I hate Power Rangers Samurai I want to go on a positive note this time. Gokaiger is the 35th sentai series and I think its doing great so far and can be a huge fan favoirte.

The cast is very enjoyable no doubt they all have some similarity to past sentai warriors. Marvelous has the leadership of Boukenred, but has a dark past and cannot forget like Red Mask and Shinkenred. Joe is the silent and serious type like Timeblue and Dekablue. Luka is the tomboy like girl like Abareyellow and Gekiyellow, but also has a comedic side with amazing fighting skills like Dekayellow. Doc is the comedic character like Go on Green, but is cowardly, but who can also have a brave heart also I think he has the less skill and has a hard time fitting in with the gang at times. That part reminds me of Mido Ranger from Goranger because he was the youngest and was quite bashful at times. Ahim is the lovely girl type like White Swan and Ptera Ranger. The newest member is Gai and he is very similar to Shinkengold since he wanted a big reveal and wasnt accpeted into the team at first. These traits are done perfectly with the many episodes that revolve around the characters.

For me every episode is enjoyable so far. For a while it was having a perfect run for me until the Gekiranger episode which was still good, but episodes before that were very well written and had so much nostalgia. As I about Gekiranger there are episodes focused around sentai veterans who dont have their powers anymore. I really liked this because seeing our heroes live without their powers is very interesting. Those episodes are amazing since there are so many nostalgic things in each one. My favorite episode was 14 with the Carranger tribute and having Red Racer back! The episode was full of laughs just like the Carranger series and an alien falling in love for Red Racer is just like Zonnete from the series. I have to mention the Dekaranger one though becuase the mecha fight was amazing it really felt like Dekaranger and it was a pretty fast action mecha fight.

I love how the Gokaiger team use the powers of past veterans it can really make the fights feel fresh, but nostalgic as well. I am hoping for more team up powers like forever blue, yellow, green, and pink. So far we only had all red and that was epic so who knows how the others will go if that does happen. The past sentai powers can also be used for their mecha summoning similar mechs or an armor upgrade. The best so far is the Shinkenger power because not only it uses the Shinkenger power it also combines with Gaolion! I didnt see that coming at all, but its very creative because Shinkenred had a lion mech. I cant wait for the go onger power though because it will combing Gokaioh with Gojyujin. Also in every tribute these powers are used (execpt Carranger's) and the team trasnform into that team. Again the best was Carranger's because the team go Turboranger mixed up with Carranger and how they fought the villian with Bikes, Rollerblades, and etc was funny.

Now the villians are so far ok, they havent really done anything special expect for the time they were winning and Basco. I have a feeling though Damaras is going to do something and will become the main villian he just has the potential because he cant bear with Gil that much. Basco is also a great villian being the rival of Gokaired which reminds me of past rivalries like in Flashman, Jetman, and Dairanger. Still there isnt a lot of great development, expect for Barizorg, but I can tell that something big will happen with them soon.

Don't trust him Gil.

So Gokaiger is doing great because its using Nostalgia perfectly with showing old characters and using old powers. See Saban there is a way to use nostalgia and not ruin the show. Also I cant wait for the next episode because this is the first time we will see a Sentai veteran who wants to fight again.

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