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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moyashimon Tales of Agriculture the Drama Review

Moyasimon is very popular in japan it was originally a manga series, then had an anime series, and now recently had a live action series. So far i only saw the live action series and i love it. I first got interested in it because of its cast members which i will talk about later. The show is about a kid named Sawaki who has the talent of seeing micro organisms like germs and others. The kid goes to a college for agriculture where there are many things happening like farming, football, and much more. Well Sawaki soon finds himself with two guys Misato and Kawahama who use their info on bacteria so they can make sake which is illegal since they dont have a license. Sawaki starts to freak out because of an odd bacteria that shouldnt be around as the other two are just freaked out about him. All their sake spills over and they soon find a professor of fermantation, Itsuki who had a dead seal around the sake. Reason why was becuase to pickle the seal for eating which was very creepy as hell seeing a man eat raw seal! Anyways Itsuki tell the two that he can see bacteria and the two get ideas of how to use him to help them make money. Soon Sawaki is dragged into the lab where he meets Hasegawa who is a postgrad student who does heavy research on bacteria. She is easily ticked off about how Sawaki can see bacteria and tests him out. He gets things right and even reveals that she could get athelte's foot. Oh yea forgot to metion that she wears bondage for some reason, but she gets pissed off and goes crazy. In the end Sawaki hangs with the two has he will continue with his college life. There are other characters who appear like Oikawa who is a neat freak and hates things like bacteria, but she still studies about them with the gang. Muto is a girl who tries to escape reality by becoming the president of the ufo club and the other members are in crazy love for her and she has been given the title of Miss Agriculture unoffically because of her beauty. Kei..... well i wont say much about him, i will only say he is a childhood friend of Sawaki.
Odd Characters, but very enjoyable.

Pros- The show is a comedic series and i laugh every episode, its a very funny series and if you want some comedic relief this is the show for ya. The bacteria Sawaki can see are also characters in the series and at times they are just kinda there to keep you interested at times, but the show using them wisely mostly making them the plot points in some episodes or the twist also it gives a lot of info about diff types of bacteria which is nice. I mentioned the cast and thats how i got into the show, first the main character Sawaki is played by Y?ichi Nakamura who is known in toku for his role of Yuuto, Kamen Rider Zeronos who is a huge fan fave of the den-o series and kept den-o fresh and watchable for me. Hasegawa is played by Natsuki Kat? who played as Kamen Rider Femme in the Ryuki movie and was the first female rider. There are also some minor characters who have been in toku before like the faternity leader is played by Hiroaki Iwanaga who is known for his role as R5 in tomica rescue force and recently Akira Data, Kamen Rider Birth. Hasegawa's father is played by a famous in toku cant find his name sadly but he played as Ultraman Jack which continued the franchise for much longer.
Even the Captain of Rescue Fire is in the final episode

Cons- The show does have some low points of humor like sex appeal jokes, but even with those types of jokes they can be clever with them at times. The bacteria do get annoying at some times and at points its useless showing them, but one episode actually has Sawaki unable to see them which was interesting. Its only an 11 episode series like the anime, but it does good with the episodes it has to tell the story expect the ending it felt a little slow, but fast at times as well. The show can get a little too crazy at times, but those parts dont happen at major plot points so at times the craziness is there for humor and it works.

 Overall- This is a great series that could give new light on the manga and anime again and there could be a 2nd season for the live action i heard i hope thats true because i had a lot of fun watching this series B+

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