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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beet and Stag Buster!

The series hasn't even started and yet we get a look at the upcoming heroes. No names so far, but the duo is made up of a human with his buddyroid. The two become the new busters, human being Beet (Gold) and the roid becoming Stag (Silver). So we get a robot who actually transforms into a Sentai Warrior, that's sweet. I bet some people would like to have the silver be human, but I like this idea of having the actually partner become a warrior. Their teamwork will then be much better and I wonder what kind of powers this human will have and what specialty will the roid have?
The weapons that the two will bring are a phone gun and a sword that changes into a steering wheel. Again it works with the spy motif, but will the roid have his own special weapons? Also having a silver and gold duo has been done before, but to have them come has the 4th and 5th is very different. The color scheme is off than other Sentai and it reminds me of Hurricanger. Overall these two seem great and I'm hoping that they will be great characters, I have a feeling that I could like Stag better.

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