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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 30 Review: Skateboarding Lion

Well this is another Joe focused tribute episode like with Shinkenger, but now its another pre zyu sentai series, Liveman! Navi's prediction is about a lion skateboarding and Gai knows she means Yellow Lion from the team sadly he has no idea where he is. So the team start to look for anyone who likes skateboarding. Marve and Doc tried with a skateboarder while Luka tried to ask some kids, but Gai says that the Liveman team fought even before he was born. Joe and Ahim cant find anyone, but a baby is in danger as the carriage goes down steps, Joe catches up to it, but a mysterious man appears and helps them out. His name is Jou and when he sees the Zangyack he goes right into a boxing ring where the MOTW is there trying to kidnap a boxer. The monster is a scienctist who worked on Sid and made him into Barizorg. Joe and Ahim fight the main guy while Jou fights the grunts by himself. After the fight the monster dropped something and Jou finds out they are blueprints to Barizorg. Joe asks Jou to see if there is anyway to return someone back to normal from the operation. Joe goes with him alone as Ahim reports back to the team.

Soon the team find out that the Zangyack's plan is to make more cyborgs like Barizorg because of useful the original is. Oh yea Gils is cured from his cold. The team find out that there were more people being kidnaped as they seem to find a common area so they soon find where they are. Gai tried to contact Joe, but Marve says that he can find his own way. Now at a university Jou finds out whoever has been changed into a cyborg cannot change back. Joe is crushed heavily by this even though he knew he had to fight Barizorg. Jou then tells him about his past and how friends of his lose their humanity and how his team couldnt save them. Now Jou stays at the University to make sure that other people dont do the same thing. He knows he couldnt have saved his friends, but he knows he saved their souls. Joe then comes to a realization and before he leaves he asks if Jou was part of the Liveman team as he saw a skateboard. Then we get the cool overlap on Jou with Yellow Lion.

The team find the MOTW with the kidnapped people, they are mostly doing well until they get frozen and then attacked by the villians. Joe comes to save the day as he hacks and slashes at the MOTW out of suit soon he transforms as Gai goes into Gold Mode to fight the grunts and the others transform into the Liveman team. Gai defeats the grunts and then Joe pulls of Sid's trick and finishes the monster with it. Now the mecha fight begins with there being too many grunts in the way as the team uses the Liveman powers which makes Gokai-oh into Super Live Robo! With the Super Burst attack they get rid of the grunts as they used Hurricangers powers along with Gai in Gozyujin as they defeat the monster and the fight was happening during a sunset which is known in mecha fights. I think Liveman did it a couple of times not sure though, but I do know it happens in sentai a lot. Now Joe knows he has to fight and he may not be able to save Sid, but he can save his soul.

Its another great tribute episode with Joe being the focus. First its great to see another pre zyu sentai warrior coming back and Kazuhiko still looks great I'm really shocked on how he looks. Its odd how pre zyu sentai warriors are looking younger than some of the others. Also Jou is a perfect match for Joe because he also dealt with fighting his friends when he was a Liveman. The scene where he talks about how he couldnt save them is amazing and it really shows great emotions like with Gai Yuki and how he still fought. It even shows more of Joe's true self and how he wanted to save Side and the actor Yuki does a good performance with it. The fights were also great mostly with the mecha fight because I thinks it the first sunset fight the series had and seeing Super Live Robo is awsome! That is the first robo to combine two other mechs as Gai said so I'm glad thats the power because its a great nostalgic feeling to Liveman. So with Joe being the great character he is with a man who dealt with the same issues and amazing fight scenes I give this episode an A. I cant wait for Joe to fight Barizorg now!


  1. Well, pre-zyu sentai is still just sentai. Just as much as post-jet sentai are. Power Rangers didn't do a thing to make them seem any different, despite how a lot of fans feel. ;)

  2. I know its still sentai its just nice to see older ones mostly because if gokaiger is adapted I dont want to see old teams in it. I still find it odd that people from older series are looking younger than some who had series after them. Yellow Lion looked so damn young yet Gingared looked pretty old