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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 3 Review: Hopping Around

Well its time for the Queen Fesitival in the school. If you seen anime before mostly school comedies you know what they are mostly like. Its like homecoming sort of just with a competion between women. Before that though a new switch is ready to be used now. It seems not every switch is ready yet so Gen has to wait to use them. The Hopping switch is now in use, but it seems that its useless because Gen starts to bounce out of control. When Gen finds out about the Queen Fesitival after leaving the base, he runs into Miu and the other two cheerleaders as she gets gifts from many fans. Gen tries to talk to her, but she keeps calling him trash like last time and says she will be Queen again. There they make a bet if she doesnt become Queen she will become friends with Gen, but if she wins again Gen has to transfer out of the school. Now Gen needs to find some info on any other women who could compete with Miu. He goes back to the punks, but he gets into another fight with them as he kicks their asses and he meets Jake who knows a lot of info. He's an odd character too we saw him in episode one has a party animal and for some reason he reminds me of Kazari.

Well they find a girl who could compete and when they convience her writing on the board appears saying not to enter the festivial as the girl is attack by a Zodiart. She leaves as Jake is hiding and Gen transforms into Fourze and fights the monster, but one of the main villians appear and fights Fourze. Kengo comes in after the two leave and tells Jake not to say anything, but it seems that he is concerned of what is going on as he makes an evil face maybe thats why he reminds me of Kazari. Well Gen tries to fight the Scorpio Zodiart, but as soon as he uses the Hopping switch he goes out of control and Scorpio goes away. Kengo says that the Hopping switch is useless, but Gentaro says there is nothing useless (I can think of somethings that are). After the fight we get back to Miu and the other two as they are at her pool as they look at the gifts. Miu is unimpressed as she throws all of them away saying that all the students are idiots (That isnt going to backfire at all, *Sarcasm*) Also the girl is not going to attend because of the monster attack so now Gen asks Yuki if she can try. Kengo is also with this because of other contestants being attacked by the same Zodiart.

I will say this again really good monster designs.

Well the fesitival begins and Yuki tries, but everyone starts mocking her because her performance was about space of course. Then the 3 cheerleaders go at once (I agree with Yuki it isnt fair that the other two are in the performance) and do their dance that gets everyone pumped. After the dance the monster starts to attack the three, but Gen reveals it by putting chalk into the air from the erasers as everyone sees the monster. It tries to run, but Gen catches up to it and fights as Fourze. Gen tries the Hopping switch again, but this time it works proving Kengo wrong and after using the chainsaw switch he tries to finish the monster with the Rider Rocket Drill Kick, but it escapes. Back at the festivial a clip is shown and its when Miu is trashing the gifts as everyone hears her speech about what she thinks about the students. Now people are mad at her as some people are enjoying her misery like Tomoko who also liked Yuki's performance I have a feeling that they are friends or will be. Well now Miu is in distress now, but will she make some sort of comeback?

Thats episode three and its another good episode, sure it follows an anime episode plot, but remember its a school series so of course there was going to be some sort of competion sometime. It was also predictable with Miu acting like the bitch she is and karma catches up to her, but the episode is still funny and it shows a main villian in action as well. For that the action was good with a new switch being used right in the last battle of the episode and showing how powerful one of the main villians are. I bet next episode will be really good because of how Gen will help Miu get her game back, but this is a good episode still with good comedy and action, a B.
A lot of pink for this episode as well.

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