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Monday, September 19, 2011

Possibilties: Fourze is the Power Rider?!

I just found out about this just recently and it seems there are rumors saying Saban will adapt the most current rider series. Fourze is only at its 3rd episode though and that means Power Rider will appear next year then. It is only a rumor, but its possible. First Fourze is a student rider and Saban could see this as a good moment because of MMPR was about students as well. If they want to do a recent rider series though why not OOO, the series is over and they can easily use the footage now. There is also Double and Decade which are recent as well. I still think Kabuto still has a chance because its the first rider series in hd and the fight scenes looked very good. Who knows though if Saban will wait for Fourze or not, but rumors did say Saban bought rights to the Decade and Shinkenger team up so are those false then?

Please Saban dont try to make Kamen Rider into a MMPR nostalgia series.

There are also pics of Fourze's Elec State form and I like it a lot the gold really looks good. Also the lighting on the suit are great as well, but that could be another reason Saban wants this series. The Power Ranger's logo always has some sort of lighting bolt in it. Its a really far connection, but as I said theyre only rumors we have to wait to find out. All I know so far is that the Elec State looks awsome and it will appear soon probably before the tenth episode.


  1. For the love of god, I hope these rumors remain as just rumors. I'm more than convinced that Saban can't make toku. He better leave Ishinomori's work alone.

    1. May Ishinomori haunt him from the grave!

  2. Yea Saban did good back then, but now with Samurai I think they are in a slump, but if they do fourze it will easily just be another nostalgia series.

  3. I personally thought Saban wasn't very good even back then, save for Time Force. And that's a pretty low number of actual good shows. It's not just Samurai that's convincing me. It's this really long reputation of fail towards American toku that frankly, I just don't want to see anymore unless it's an original production.

  4. I see what you mean, but Saban did do original ideas with their series back then like with space. Also mmpr did that too and used the same suits for three seasons even though they used different monsters. For me saban was good they had a lot of diff with their series compared to sentai series, but a lot of times sentai is still better. Disney is worst imo even with good seasons like dino thunder and rpm.