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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Fourze Rumors

Well there is news about Fourze's with a new form and the second rider. First with Fourze's new form so far there isnt a name from the sources I have been looking at, but Fourze's head is supposed to get bigger?! I actually had a feeling that they would use his head for comedy, but this could be taking too far. This could be false and maybe it wont be that big of a change. Well with this form there will be a new color scheme, so far it seems the suit will keep the white color, but the lines will be red and blue. With this will be big turrets on his side now that sounds awsome I must say. Mostly people are saying it will look similar to a monster from Metalder which is a metal hero series I really want to see!

Now with the secondary rider at first I thought his name was Meteor, but I soon found out that his name could be Grey like an alien. So this will be the first alien rider as the rumors have been saying. I like this idea, because its something new that hasnt been done in rider having an alien rider. I am thinking though was this affected by Gokaiger because they are space pirates from another planet so they are like aliens. At first I was ticked off because I thought of a rider called Meteor, but his name is Grey so I felt better. Its a weird thing that happens to me I think of an idea and soon I see in things I like. For example with the megaman battle network games I thought of Phoenixman when I was like 7. The sixth one comes out and Megaman gets a phoenix like mode. There was also Junkman in the fourth one. Back to Grey now though high chance his design will be based on Granzel from the space ironman series like I have mentioned before because it makes sense to have the 2nd rider to be based on the partner of a hero who gave inspiration to Fourze's design.

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