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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Memories of Power Rangers

Recently someone has mentioned if I cover on Power Rangers because of it is a live action series. I do, but I wanted to focus on the originals also I got some personal issues with it. First I will do Samurai reviews, but if I get too mad from watching them I will stop and just do a series review. Now I remember power rangers as a kid with MMPR which was my childhood I still love it now, but that is mostly for season 1 and 2, season 3 was ok. Sure it was corny, but that was the 90's and kids show were like that and that show did great with it and even did good story arcs. Another thing I love MMPR is the original ideas it had because it was different from Zyuranger and sure they used similar plots for some episodes, but some were original. Next was Zeo and it was ok it wasnt close to MMPR, but it was still above average. Turbo was next and wow I remember liking some episodes as a kid, but now I mostly hate it. There is Justin of course who almost killed the franchise and the whole cast change, but I think Turbo got better after the big change because it was time to finally move on. Still until the last episode the series was bad mostly with it trying to be dark, but relying on scenes from a comedic series.

He better not come back for another series

I was almost going to stop watching Power Rangers because I thought we could be stuck with Justin, but the ending made me wonder what the next series would be. So I stuck by Power Rangers as they went into space. I'm glad I stayed too because Space is still my favorite PR series. As a kid I loved how they looked back to some older series with Adam coming back and actually using his powers and with Zordon being kidnapped. They did have an episode where they met with Justin again and that was a good episode I have to say. There was that TMNT crossover which was dumb imo, but oh well it was only one episode. Space was a darker series too and it did that much better than Turbo. The series did start the Battlizers which can vary for me, but its not a big deal. The story was good with the enemy being related to the team in someway. It made for good writing and good twists for the series. My favorite part of the series was the ending though because you cannot forget it when you say it. I will spoil this sorry about that, but Zordon dies! The series took a big move with this showing its finally time to completely move on and do what sentai does with having new team memebers in each series. Also the episode showed some quick characters from other series and ended the Zordon era with a big bang!

Hail Zordon!

With this new move the franchise started the Lost Galaxy series and it was good, but it was trying to be like Space at times imo. It was another dark series and I respect that, but it was another space theme because Lost in Space reborned the series. As a kid I liked it, but now I'm on and off because the series wasnt all that original. It did take somethings from Gingaman like with their KuroKishi, but did somethings different like killing off a character! She just comes back though for some reason in the final episode, it was weird. Also from a sentai view now it seems odd that a sci-fi theme is going with a sentai that was about nature. Rescue Force for me was good as well mostly with their own sixth ranger, but kinda copied GoGoV. Time Force had a great cast and a great villian, but it suffered from copying Timeranger. Then came another series I disliked, Wild Force. Its shares the same problem with Time Force, but a lot worse. First the red ranger did change, but it was bad change as Cole is one of my least fave red rangers. Also this is the first cut and copy pr series imo because it does mostly everything Gaoranger did! Ninja Storm didnt copy too much from Hurricanger, but big points were copied expect for their sixth ranger which I liked that change it was a good idea to have Cam become a ranger.

Why did you have to come back?!

Another great series saves the day though with Dino Thunder having mostly completely different villians, cast, and plot points. Dino Thunder brought back Tommy for one for go as a ranger of his own because he is just that awsome. I didnt like their sixth though it was similar to AbareKilller, but worse mostly with the character Trent, at least he had a good bond with the main villian. Now we get to the parts I hate the most about Power Rangers, the dork era. It first started with SPD and wow I hated this series the villian was good and having a rivalry with a hero was a great idea, but it suffers so much from other cast members. This is my least fave cast because they are cut and copy or they are changed to much. Also they were just annoying expect for Doggy he was fine, but Bridge........ yea skip that there will be too much rage then. SPD also had the worst team ups imo because they were implausable and boring like the whole series. Also barely any original ideas just copy the episodes it should be fine. This continued for a while as we had Mystic Force which had an ok cast, but it copies Magiranger, it was as bad as SPD though.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Stay Away From Power Rangers

Now we are at the series that everybody hated, Operation Overdrive..... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I mean wow even as a kid I hated this series back then when I was a kid the past two series still had some good moments imo because I didnt know about Sentai back then, but OO was just plain bad. I even hate it more because I love Boukenger its my favorite sentai series. It suffers from copy and paste and when it does somthing different its the worst move possible mostly with you know who being a robot! Even the team up was a fail because even with Adam we had Bridge! Also some other people I didnt really like at least Blue from NS and Yellow from DT were there I liked those two. The series even failed with the villians with replacing a good villian with two dumb ones and having everyone else be dumb as well. Even the other rangers were a pain in the ass, pink was boring, blue was a really bad actor, yellow was plain in the worst way possible, and black is.... well he wasnt the best at acting and he cannot compare to Bouken Black an ok character. The Silver was just bland as well nothing special about him, but nothing to get enraged about. Now with that fail of a series what was next.... oh yea.... Jungle Fury.... ANOTHER COPY AND PASTE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!! I mean what was going with the franchise were the writers dead or something so Disney just half assed it. I dont want to talk about Jungle Fury, please leave me with some happiness.

Next was Disney's last Power Ranger series and I was so happy because after those series I thought it was dead already. Now I did see Go-onger before so when I saw the beginning of RPM my jawed dropped! RPM was a really good series, it was original using a comedic series, but making it dark. Even with some annoying characters like Gem and Gemma they had some good moments and werent the worst characters ever, but Ziggy was close. Still this was a great improvement from what we have been seeing for the past years. Now there is Samurai (I know there was the MMPR remake, but I never saw it because I didnt want my inner child to die!) and we are back to Operation Overdrive NOOOOOOOOOOO! The worst part is that Saban got the franchise back and its this bad already. Sure there are two good characters Mike and Antonio and there is Jayden who is improving with his acting at least. Mostly though Samurai has no original ideas and you can see what I think from one of my first posts.

Thank you RPM

So I dont hate Power Rangers completely, but there are SOOOOO many series I hate and there is only five I really liked. The only sentai I had so much anger with so far is Goseiger and thats only one out of like 15 series I have saw. There are ok ones as well with PR, but the bad ones really stick out and it changes people's opinions a lot. Also there is the fact that I hate people just calling japanese live action series Power Rangers when they havent even seen it! So in the end I will always remember my childhood with Power Rangers and I will stick with it hoping for another original series.

I will always remember it


  1. Nice post dude. ^__^

    For me, I like many people growing up in the States in the 90s, did watch MMPR (even though I saw Sentai first). I thought it was fun, much like everyone else. So yeah, nostalgia. lol. I still think all 3 seasons are terrible, so nostalgia is all it has left for me. xD I did like characters like Jason and Kimberly. But ugh, the writing was awful. >__<

    Zeo: I still thought it was meh.

    Turbo: Meh again. More towards the first half, but second half wasn't good either.

    Space: I personally thought this season had potential, but I really couldn't get into it. xP

    Lost Galaxy: Again, I feel like this season had potential too. But when broken down, the whole show was a mess.

    Lightspeed Rescue: Another show that had potential, but didn't quite make it.

    Time Force: This is the first season that I thought was actually quite good. All the actors were excellent. Yeah, it's a carbon copy of Timeranger, but eh, I think it's a whole another level above the other seasons due to it's good execution.

    Wild Force: Bleh. xP

    Ninja Storm: Again, bleh. Mostly cause I'm not a fan of Doug Sloan's writing style.

    Dino Thunder: Bleh again. To me, it took all the bad elements of Turbo and Ninja Storm and mixed them both together. DT is better than both of those shows, but that's not saying much.

    SPD: I personally think SPD has one of the better casts in Power Rangers. Not as good as Dekaranger's of course. But eh, the story fell apart. -__-

    Mystic Force: This show is unwatchable.

    Operation Overdrive: We pretty much share the same thoughts. xD

    Jungle Fury: Bleh. xP

    RPM: This show had plenty of heart put into it! Best season since Time Force! =D

    Samurai: 16 eps in, and shaping up to be one of the worst shows ever. >__<

  2. For me I still like the early saban years expect for turbo, mmpr seaon 3 was weak, and season 2 wasnt all that strong, but we did get Zedd. Season 1 though is unforgettable for me because it had strong episodes and no one forgets about the five parter green with evil.

    I barely remember zeo, but it had some original ideas from time to time.

    Turbo was a mess because of trying to make the series dark.

    Space is my favorite, but you are allowed to your opinions.

    Lost Galaxy had good moments like with their villians.

    Light Speed I didnt care for because it was trying to be a little too serious and it did feel like a copy of GoGoV at times.

    Time Force had good characters and acting, but for me that fact it was a copy series makes me dislike it, it still wasnt a bad series though.

    Yea I want to hurt Wild Force the only character I sort of like was their sixth, but he was a copy character.

    Storm was ok throughout I saw it had some good rangers, but Tori and Cam were my faves from that series.

    I really liked Dino Thunder did have a below average red ranger and their white was ok, but having Tommy back with other strong characters and I think it was better done, cannot compare to Abaranger though.

    I just got bored with SPD as a kid and now thinking about it again I hated it the characters were annoying and were pretty bad actors imo.

    Mystic Force suffered like SPD, but it was more copy and paste.

    Operation Overdrive I will punish Disney for that series someday.

    The same goes for Jungle fury

    Yea RPM was a good series, but there were annoying characters with the heroes and villians.

    Samurai well you know how I feel about that series, I think its going to be worse than OO soon.

  3. Yes, Zedd was very cool. =D And yes, I remember loving Green with Evil too. But eh, the acting in the early eps of season 1 was pretty bad. xD Oh! How could I forget? I really loved Adam a lot too! =D

    Zeo still had Doug Sloan as a writer. And he did a lot of stuff in this season that made me facepalm. xP

    Space has always been a weird one for me. I think it could've been great for me. But what hurt the show for me was that I found the plots for each ep to be rather unimaginative and mostly just re-used old tired plots from the previous five seasons. And plus, the acting still wasn't that great for both the heroes and the villains. At least the overall plot was consistent.

    I did like Trakeena and Villamax in Lost Galaxy. But that's it for me. All the other villains were meh to me. xD

    While Lightspeed Rescue did copy the rescue motif of GoGoFive, the sad thing is that it doesn't make a cool story out of it. GoGoFive had the story of family and the drive to protect lives, which is what made it such an amazing show. Lightspeed Rescue didn't have much going on for it. Which is a shame, cause it had such a good opportunity to do so. Plus, the actors seemed rather bored in the show. >__<

    At least the Timeranger story is cool. =) Yeah, no points for originality. But the fact that it's the only old-school PR show with acting that I can sit through, helps it beat the other shows for me.

    Wild Force's sixth to me was pretty much a GaoSilver clone, except with bad acting. xD

    I thought Cam was pretty cool. Tori was kinda annoying though. xD But ugh, Doug Sloan's writing... >__<

    Tommy for me was always just an okay character. I thought he was best as the Green Ranger. He got too cocky as the White Ranger. And I thought he was boring as a Red Ranger. Him returning as a Black Ranger was okay. But to me, Tommy getting lots of different suits doesn't make him any more cool. Which is why I still prefer characters like Adam, who IMO had more to his character throughout the years.

    Kira and Ethan were okay. But Doug Sloan was still the head writer which hurt it a lot for me. xD Plus, the whole story fell apart in the second half. Abaranger is one of my favorite Sentai seasons, so Dino Thunder comes nowhere close to being as good for me. xP

    I thought SPD's cast had some of the better actors in the franchise. Especially compared to WF, NS, and DT before it and MF, OO, and JF after it.

    Eh, I think Mystic Force has far more faults than SPD did. xD

    I actually didn't find any of the characters in RPM to be annoying.

  4. I just couldnt like spd that much mostly with yellow being too close to jasmine in the bad way. Pink and Green were annoying and Blue was a whiney kid imo. Then we got omega and wow he sucked. Mystic force for me was weird and with their gold was pretty bad. I found Ziggy, Gem, Gemma, and some of the villians to be annoying as hell!

  5. I thought Ziggy, Gem, and Gemma were quite unique for a PR show. Mainly cause I feel like PR always wanted to stay away from humor. And every time they attempted, they just failed terribly. I thought the actors for those three RPM Rangers did a pretty good job at what they did, and the dialogue was pretty well written too. Honestly, without them, RPM would've been a very different show. Not sure if it would've been any good or not. But the fact that the show took such risks with comedic characters and actually did a fine job with them, I gotta give points to. Honestly, I think almost all the PR villains are far more annoying. xD

  6. What really made PR unique is the Megaranger and the GoGo V adaptation which made PR better then GoGo V alone. Thanks to MMPR my quest for Sentai is undaunting as Power Ranger was very painful to tolerate!!!!

  7. Yea for me the Zordon era was a very good part of my childhood. Even with Turbo being a fail series, MMPR, Zeo, and Space (my favorite) really got me to follow them.

  8. Not to sound harsh, but the article was a real pain to read (do u know how to use the commas?). And though I agree with some of the author opinions (which u r entitled to have) I strongly disagree with most of them.

    I watched Magiranger and honestly, yeah, it has some copy and paste. But it also has some original elements. Like the Fire Bird. Magiranger doesn't have it.

    SPD is one of the worst series ever! Why? Because of the stories and the characters. Omega being a lightball, giving Tetsu's story to Blue (a fucking whiny brat), Bridge confusing me with his non-sense speech and such. Yellow isn't a Jasmine copy. What I really like of SPD is that all the rangers get to have a special ability (unlike with Dekaranger).

    I really can't get thru NS b/c of the bad guy being wasted (he showed too much potential in the first 2 eps!). DT was a fave of mine b/c of the story (not the nostalgia), but the part of having a completely different villain than Aba.

    LG was a nice change and the story was ok. After all, it was the first series post-Zordon and it did quite well to me with the Orion Lights and the Quasar Quests.

    Time Force was a really interesting series. Yes, it's a copy and paste but it's not to the degree of Samurai and Megaforce. I really liked the villain was a mutant who hated on humans b/c of what they've become (that's not present in Timeranger *at least that's what I saw*).

    MMPR and Zeo was ok to me. I really like the villains from 1 and 2 mostly. Rito is my soft spot for 3 and really loved Gasket and Archerina b/c of what they brought.

    1. I will say the story in SPD is good, but the PR only action scenes really do put a stain on the series. Also I still wasn't a fan of most of the characters. I really only like Red and Yellow. Bridge was not that funny to me and he got on my nerves, Sen-chan is ten times better. Sky was very annoying in the beginning because of his stuck up attitude. Hoji had a lot more depth and we learned things about him and he learned new things in the series. Episode 37 is my favorite episode of Dekaranger. I was very happy with Dino Thunder as it felt more like an anniversary series than what we have with Megaforce right now. I will agree in Ninja Storm Luthor was wasted and could have been a whole lot better. Finally sorry about the commas, with post like these I just get my raw thoughts for the blog mostly.

    2. Oh and I forgot about more things with SPD, I am not a fan of the civilian powers in Power Rangers they just seem pointless. PR already treat the Ranger powers like super powers so what's the point of having them? I will say I do like Sentai more as they treat the suit not like a super power most of the times. Going on Omega Ranger was not that good and the whole being from the future plot was dumb and they didn't do anything with it for the majority of the series. Deka Break was an awesome character and it's sad we couldn't get a really good developed character for his adaptation in SPD.