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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Promo

Well sadly its coming back and there still seems to be no original ideas and no appearance of the battlizer is yet to be shown. This is mostly promoting where Red will face Decker and it actually says that only one will survive. Of course they are using the Shinkenger footage, but they actually show him getting stabbed. If you say my thoughts on PRS they had issues with stabbing and NOW THEY SHOW IT! MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN MINDS! The promo ends with him getting stabbed and dropping the sword. We all know from Shinkenger and if you havent seen it yet, I say skip PRS and watch Shinkenger. Now in Shinkenger Takeru gets stabbed, but he lets go of his sword and gets the final blow on Juuzo so high chance that will happen in Samurai as Decker goes down the cliff. Then there is a high chance they will have him back like in Shinkenger and this means Akumaro american counter part will be coming soon. I do wonder how they will use him or they could not use him and just make him a MOTW and skip a lot of his scenes. Its possible, but this show is lazy and doesnt care so they will probably use him and copy him. I would be surprised though if they keep his love for wanting to see hell. Im still hoping for the Bulk and Spike episode which will be Samurai's Richard Brown.

Also with Power Rider being confirmed will we soon see the crossover episode with him and the Samurai team. I really want to see this because I am hoping they will have some originality because they will have to make the episode in the teams sight and not the new hero. Also seeing Kamen Rider in America would be nice they just have to make sure they dont ruin it like last time. They could be using Decade which was 2009 so its only a two year difference. Also there isnt confirmation its Decade still people just think that because of the Decade and Shinkenger it could be a different rider. It will have to be after Decade though. Another thing that bothers me is that Power Rider will probably be a logo name so the rider himself could have another name with Power Rider. So always keep open for any possibilties.

They can easily just copy this and it could still be good if they just need to get good actors. Double is a huge rider series that got a lot of fans and has a total of four movies. This sounds like a great idea to start the american riders again with a big one. Decade was big as well, but he had a lot of hate with him and imagine if they copy that series. If they do copy Decade I wonder if there will be an American Narutaki, lol.

Onore Saban!

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  1. Onore Saban me after watching the Legendary Battly Srsly f--k Super Megafarts I didn't mind Turbo agree with you on Operation Overdrive but on Super MegaForce I'm done with anything Saban makes I don't care how good Dino Charge is supposed to be also I haven't seen Gokaiger but know I don't wanna because for the same thing wit you on Den-o how you can't take it srsly after Not Kamen Rider Den-o(Cho Den-o) and Franchise Killer(Decade) the OMGTHISMOVIESUX Battleship I can't take Gokiager seriously because of Super Megaforce and even if the do decide too adapt Double, OOO, Fourze, even Wizard (which is overatted as f--k in my opinion,) and most Definitely Gaim (shows a picture of mw pointing a gun at my head then pulling the trigger and breaking the glass window then falling into the pool then drown)(didn't mention Drive cause it's not over yet