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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Hero Taisen Trailer!

The preview for the Rider VS Sentai movie is already out and it just builds up so much hype. We get to see some great heroes fight each other and even the return of loved villains. The best of the villains is undoubtedly Bio Hunter Silver! By the looks of the trailer Meteor will face him first in the movie. I really wonder how some riders will do facing the Sentai villains with Fourze he fights the Zangyack and Marvelous himself. I do like Fourze, but Marvelous is going to be dominate in that fight. Also the other Gokaigers are not on his side as they will fight the zangyack and probably help Fourze. The Go-busters don't get it easy as well because they have to fight the traveling rider, Decade! Decade is back to evil which is still unknown, which brings up another point, what about the timeline. Where exactly will this fit in the timeline of the series? Hopefully the movie won't be a mess with the timeline. Overall, even if the timeline gets screwed big time, the fights and characters interacting with each other will be EPIC!

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