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Monday, February 6, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 21 Review: Cowabunga

We begin the episode with an alarm going off as the students are wondering if there is another monster attack (wow they gotten used to it already). It seems to be a false alarm though and Ohsugi blames Gentarou for this (he's back to normal!). Ohsugi tries to take Gen to the office, but after asking why things get awkward. Ohsugi seems to be too lonely now and starts to complain about Sonoda not being around. Hayami just says that Sonoda is too sick and has been resigned and Ohsugi doesn't take that news well. Hayami then introduces the new teacher as her name is Haruka, but she isn't happy about teaching as she just whispers that she wants to quit. Ryusei gets a little talk with Hayami and he notices something off about his smile. Hayami leaves and Ohsugi who is majorly depressed, tries to get some comfort from the new teacher. After just touching her though she snaps and almost kicks him in the head! Gen who is amazed by her abilities compliments her, but she just bounces him back. It's now night and we see three martial artists training near a playground.... Anyways a Zodiart appears and challenges the three to a fight. Of course the Zodiart kicks their asses and it uses the kick that Haruka did.
It's the next day as we see the club looking at footage of the fight from last night. They see that the new Zodiart is a Pegasus and Miu gives the command of setting the other roids around. Meanwhile Yuki, Kengo, and Gentarou have a meeting with the teacher about their futures. First is Yuki and she goes all nerdy for space like usual, but she does get serious and talks about two options for her dreams, but Haruka doesn't even bother helping her. Next is Kengo and the only thing that is mentioned is about his poor attendance. Kengo says he is fine repeating a year because of certain events and that's all Haruka cares about. Finally is Gen and his goal is to go down the "straight and narrow path" and she just replies by saying simple advice and gives him the papers for his preferred schools and tries to end it. Gen though talks back saying that this is important for his life, but she doesn't care for others. Gen then mentions about Haruka wanting to quit teaching and she tries to push him off again, but he says he will be friends with everyone in the school. He tries to get her to spill the beans, but she gets mad and almost kicks him, says that she does want to quit, and then leaves.
Later we see the Pegasus attacking more people as it runs into a woman jogging, but the woman has a lot of skills and easily kicks it around. Ends up it was just Libra again and he wonders how the user got the switch. The two fight and the club spots the two and wonder why the two are even fighting. Ryusei then leaves and transforms into Meteor, after coming in the fight Libra simply just leaves him to fight the Zodiart. The two arw quite equal as both get good hits on each other and Meteor notices that the Zodiart is using a kick boxing method. Gen then jumps on in the action and before he could do his usual catchphrase, Kengo tells him to use the new switch. He uses the new switch which is Claw and Meteor quickly comes back into the fight and uses Fourze as a stand to get a good kick. Tomoko finally notices that Ryusei is not around. After hearing the three talk about him he decides that this could make him look suspicious as he leaves the fight. The Pegasus then uses the kick from before as Gen blocks with the Claw as it then runs away. After the fight Ryusei sees a fan on the ground. At night Gamou speaks with Hayami about him attacking the Zodiart and why he did it. During one day Hayami was interfered by Gen and during the fight he lost the switch. This then reveals that the new Zodiart was not selected by Hayami. Virgo and Gamou are not happy with this news, but he promises that he will "teach" the new Zodiart.
Back with the club in the next day as we see that Jake is going to find some info on the dropped fan and all of a sudden Gen gets an idea. It also seems that he got it because of his sixth sense as he gets it from his hair... Before he leaves though Kengo gives him the other new switch, Board and says it should work well with Claw. Jake asks a study club about the dropped fan as Ryusei is around for some reason, but isn't happy about it. Gen, Yuki, and Tomoko look around for Haruka as they run into Ohsugi and mentions that Haruka goes to a gym right after school. The three find the gym and see Haruka practicing her moves and she is actually smiling for once. A random member then comes up asking if Gen wants to join, but he says he is too busy. The guy then tries Yuki, but he is rejected again because of her love for space and finally he tries Tomoko and she is ready, but the guy just leaves. Haruka then notices Gen and asks why he is around and he simply replies that he wants to know more about kick boxing. She is back to her usual self though and see that kick boxing is where she belongs and she doesn't want any kids dragging anything school related in. Gen tries to calm her down, but she almost kicks him again and he gets a good view of her leg again.
With Shun now as he is waiting for the Zodiarts to appear as this is Miu's plan. Shun flashes back to when Miu wants him to do something. He is happy to do anything for her, but that quickly changes when he hears the plan, but he will still do it for her. It works as the Zodiart appears in front of Shun and after running away from it he calls Miu. Back at school Jake and Ryusei tells Gen about the fan and the last one who had it was Haruka. A student from the study club accidentally hits her with the fan as she takes it away and it seems that Haruka is the Zodiart. Gen is called by Miu about the Pegasus and Shun runs far enough as Gen has been waiting for it. He transforms and takes on the Zodiart in a junkyard. Ryusei quickly enters the fight as Meteor and after getting informed by Kengo Gen goes into Magnet States. Gen's attacks work greatly, but Pegasus tries to run away, but Meteor is chasing it with his bike. Gen remembers about the Board switch and uses it along with Winch to hitch a ride from Meteor. Virgo appears though and summons the Dustards, but the two work great together and swat them around. Gen gets off then and uses the Claw switch now along with Board and keeps flying around slashing and busting the Dustards with them. Meteor then catches up to Pegasus and he jumps off his bike to kick it. Fourze comes back though and starts to fight Pegasus as it yells out that he shouldn't be attacking his own teacher. Gen now thinks that it is Haruka, but while he is distracted the Pegasus does the kick again and knocks him down.
That's episode 21 and its a really impressive one. First the amount of character interaction was great and everyone had a good funny moment, the best was Tomoko though. Haruka is an interesting character as she it seems that she always wanted to kick box, but for some reason she is teaching. She wants to quit, but for unknown reasons we don't know why she just do it. The fights were amazing I must say as the Zodiart is a skilled fighter and seeing Meteor face it was fun to watch as the two were equal and had different styles of fighting. The use of the new switches was handled very well as Claw maybe simple, but it is effecting and I like the sound effect it has. Along with that the Board switch is shocking a really good switch because of how Fourze can easily glide around and with Claw it's a great combo. There is still one thing though that bugs me, it's how the episodes have been ending recently. After a good fight I'm expecting a little more drama before the end, but it just kinda puts the drama in quickly and just cuts to the To Be Continued sign. It just makes the ending feel rushed, but I guess it can be good because it leaves you hyped up from the fight still. Overall a great episode with strong character interaction, humor, and fights, but the ending felt a little too rushed an A.
Next Week: Guidance with Fourze

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