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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 49 Review: Da Na Na Na! (Spolier Alert!!!)

First thing, I'm sorry that this review took a little longer to do. I have been very busy and I was planning to do it yesterday, but I had to stay at work. Now let's get this episode reviewed! We start the episode with the ground talking about the five sets of keys as Marve walks in. Marvelous wants to get the treasure now, but the others have been thinking about the powers from Basco. Since he stole them from the team is it really okay just to use them without permission? All of a sudden though the keys glow and the team are sent to a bright white room. There we see the sets of keys floating and soon members of the team appear! Remi (Five Yellow), Akira (Blue Mask), Dai (Green Flash), Hayate (Black Griffin), and Hiba (Vul Eagle II) congratulate the six for reaching this far and they want them to use their powers. After they are sent back to the ship, Gai starts to freak out like usual, but now with their permission they can finally go for the treasure. One small issue though, how will Navi turn into the door. From what Basco has said she is the door to the treasure, but she doesn't know how to so the team violently try to change her. With the Zangyack, the reinforcements will becoming soon now as Insarn is happy to hear the news. She isn't out of trouble though since she was part of the original group and the death of Gil still stays strong. The emperor now gives her one more chance to redeem herself.
After attacking Navi she still doesn't turn into a door, but soon all the keys in the chest start to glow and fire a beam at Navi. She then transforms into a door as she is covered in locks with Sentai logos on them. The team quickly notice that there are 34 locks, so they use the Red Ranger Keys to unlock the door. The door opens and beyond the door is a cave as Marvelous goes in first as the others follow. They reach a dead end, but soon the treasure is revealed when light shines on it. It seems a little small though, but Marve still picks it up and now the greatest treasure in the universe is theirs! The treasure then starts to talk saying that they are in the center of the Earth! Shocked to see talking treasure, but it's not the treasure that is talking, but the will of the Earth. It talks about using the 34 Super Sentai powers and if so the team can change the universe! Gai sees this has a good thing because they can get rid of the Zangyack with this. Everyone can also get their past lives back as their planets can be revived. Ahin and Doc can get their home back, Luka can live with her sister again, and Joe can bring Sid back.
Everyone is excited about this news as they start to leave. After exiting the door they begin to use the treasure, but Doc thinks of something though. If they use the Grand Powers, what will happen to them? The Earth replies by saying they will vanish as that seems to be a no duh moment. Doc replies with what Hiba said about using their powers and if they use the powers, they could be gone forever! This is all true as the Earth says if they use the powers the existence of the Super Sentai will be gone as they will be erased completely. Gai tries to get it to talk again, but they are soon attacked by Insarn and her robot. The team quickly fight back with Gokai-oh and Gozyujin. It seems that Insarn had a dream of becoming one of the greatest scientists, but without the Gokaigers' heads she will never get promoted. The robot is actually strong as it fights off the two easily and soon Zugormin appear and attack them. Gai takes them on as Gokai-oh goes into Hurricane mode. Gai easily defeats the two troops, but four more appear. With the Gokaigers, they try to use Furai Maru's special attack, but Insarn's barrier deflects him. The team then start to use two of the new powers as they use Changeman and Maskman. Gokai Power Bazooka (Changeman's powers) breaks through the barrier, Gokai Aura Galaxy (Maskman's powers) breaks the arms off of the robot, and they finish the robot off with Shinken Gokai-oh.
Insarn survives though as the team fight her as Gai will try to survive. When the team get back to the ground they are quickly attacked by the Red Zugormin as they were sent by Dairando. Insarn then fires at the team with missiles and she uses it again, but the team deflect the attack with Magiranger. The team then use different keys to become Vul Eagle (Marve), Black Griffin (Doc), Green Flash (Ahim), Blue Mask (Joe), and Five Yellow (Luka). Gai uses the Sharp Slash to attack as the team face off Insarn and the Red troops. They cut to one member as they play an instrumental of the team just like other tributes, but with five different songs this time it just gets me hyped more. Doc uses the Magma Galaxy, Ahim uses the Prism Kaisers along with Rolling Knuckles, Joe uses Masky Slash (a perfect transformation for Joe I must say even though Akira acts different, they both are skilled in using two swords), Luka uses the Melody Takt to tie up the guard and then blasts him with the Fiveblaster, finally we see Marve fighting Insarn as he uses Flying Win Reverse! The troops are killed off as Gai finishes his foes off with Triple Drill Dream. With Insarn she is killed by the Galleon Buster as she cries out the Emperor's name before exploding. All seems well now, but the Zangyack forces show up and it is much bigger than the Legends War. We see the team trying to run away, but there are too many ships as they keep firing at them!
I loved this part sooooo much!
That's episode 49 and its really good. First the treasure is good because it gives hope to the team at first, but how will things change if all Super Sentai are gone? This made some really good drama and I loved to see how happy everyone was and then actually stopped to think about the consequences. Insarn was strong in this episode, but its too late for me to start caring for her since I barely knew her. I was actually thinking she would survive and try to get Red Racer again. The use of the five veteran actors was really awesome because just seeing them is a plus and I liked how the series did it. First they may have just appeared, but I like that the series focused on the actual plot before tribute episodes because seeing Basco getting those powers did show something. What's great though is the dream team fight, this is my absolute favorite fight in the series because first they're all pre zyu rangers, hearing five different songs in the fight was just got me more hyped again and again, and seeing the team using them solo was nice. That is a flaw though because I was hoping that the five would use completely different powers together like they did with the all green transformation. Even the mecha fight was great because the use of new powers and bringing back some old ones kept the fight fresh. Overall it's a good drama episode with great action, but again the villains still aren't doing much, an A.
Next Week: Goushi!!!

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