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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 50 Review: The Finale Begins (Spoiler Alert!!!)

The episode starts off where the last episode ended as our heroes quickly change back and go into their mechs to fight off the fleet. At first they try their own weapons, but with the heavy numbers they soon start to use the Grand Powers. Starting with Dekaranger as they use the attack and summon Pat Striker and start summoning more of the grand powers, but not Ninjaman. With the team using Magiranger's powers Gai decides to take flight as well as he uses Megaranger's grand powers. The wing of the Mega Winger equips to Gozyujin and uses Gokai Spartan. The team then release Magi Dragon and use Goranger's powers to become Goren Gokai-oh! Along with that they use Dynamic Bomber (Dynaman's powers) and Jet Phoenix (Jetman's powers) as the strong attacks take down many ships. There are much more to take care of though as they try to dodge the attacks of the enemy. During this the summons are being taken down one by one and the team are shot down by the Emperor. He then fires at Gokai-oh one more time as the team are forced out of the ship and luckily the stays intact. The villains think that the Gokaigers are done for as the Emperor makes a speech to the humans about their loss. Then by tomorrow morning the Zangyack will start to kill all the humans on the planet.
The team who have been separated during the fight, start to doubt themselves because of the loss and think of the treasure as it seems to be the only way to beat the Zangyack. No decision will be made yet until they reach the Galleon as the team start to move out. With Gai he sees a mother trapped under rubble from the attack as her son stays with her. Gai tries to lift the metal, but he almost lets go! Luckily someone comes in and helps Gai as the two save the mother. Gai then realizes that the man is Goushi who is Mammoth Ranger from Zyuranger and Gai helps him with taking care of the mother and son. Ahim and Luka see the mother and daughter from the GoGoV tribute episode as the two are spotted by the Zangyack. The two save them and the little girl talks about her bravery as she tried to protect her mother and sister. Even though she had fear, she had to push that aside to do what she can do. Doc and Joe see Professor Amazi from Goseiger helping out people and encouraging them that the heroes have faced worse than this. Also helping him is Yuka from Magiranger as she talks to a girl about how the Sentai have taught her to use the magic of courage as she gives a Magired plush to the girl. With Marve he runs into the boy from episode two as he fights a couple of Zangyack troops on his own. He actually puts up a good fight, but Marve saves him in the end. The two talk about his strength and even if he isn't a ranger he can still fight and protect people in his own way.
At night the team find the ship and Navi who still was holding onto the treasure. There the team talk about how they could possibly fight the Zangyack. There the odds are low as they have way smaller numbers and the Galleon cannot be fixed before tomorrow. Gai says that they should use the treasure because the other teams would want it that way. Gai talks about his meeting with Goushi as Goushi talks about the Legends War as they only sent the Zangyack away for an amount of time. What they wanted to do is to make the universe a lot more peaceful and now the Gokaigers can make that dream a reality. Even with the loss of the Sentai, Goushi knows that getting rid of the Zangyack should be the only thing that needs to be focused on. He then brings up that everyone back then was ready to die during the Legends War so it doesn't matter if they vanish now. With this in Gai's head he wants to use the treasure, but no one else wants to. The team have to try to take the Zangyack down by themselves as they talk about what they learned from this day. Even if they wanted their lives back they already accepted what has already happened to them. Gai then follows what they say as he throws the treasure and destroys it!
The sun has risen up as the Zangyack begin their attack on the humans, but the team stops them. After a speech about protecting the world, the team transform and fight! The team easily take down the little troops, but when the red guards appear Gai transforms into Dragon Ranger and gives Marvelous the armor. Marve then transforms into Armored Tyranno Ranger as he gets the two off guard as the rest of the team finishes them off with their Final Waves. The episode ends with the team going into their fight with Dairando.
That's episode 50 and its a good beginning for the finale. First the mecha fight was really good as the team uses more Grand Powers and bring back some old ones. There were nice interactions with other characters and it was really nice to see other older characters who weren't rangers appear in the series for a cameo. Goushi was great as he tells Gai to use the treasure for the Earth, but I wonder how he feels about the team disregarding what he said? I bet he's more happy to see them continuing their fight and he could have only said that to Gai because he thought the others were dead. Reminding me of Zyuranger the appearance of Amored Tyranno Ranger was nice, but I was hoping for a Zyuranger tribute fight. It was a great couple of seconds, but that's it. Overall a good episode, but a little disappointing though, a B+
Next Week: Goodbye Gokaiger TT_TT

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