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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 10 Review: Gold Rush (Spoiler Alert!!)

Starting off from the last episode, the team has found out that the lost golden warrior, Ustsu has been taken over by Dogold. Will Ustsu break free from Dogold's control and will Amy and Souji escape from their prison?
First thing to talk about is our new hero, Ustsu. As I said before we don't know much about the man and we still don't. He does start to get more control over Dogold, but only for a moment as he talks to Amy about Torin (foreshadowing moment!). The only little character traits we got from him was that he is fighting solo for now because of lordship and stuff like that. I find it odd that we are getting another skilled sword fighter for a new team member since Souji is the Slashing Brave of the team. Going on that lordship thing, it seems that Daigo is an ancestor of some lord from Ustsu's time. Still he knows it's a different person and he has to see what Daigo is made of before joining the team. It's interesting, but this reminds me of something..... can't think of it oh wait Gao Silver!
I know so many fans are comparing him to Gao Silver, but I don't blame them since there are many similarities. First the obvious thing is the idea of a monster controlling them and heck it's mostly the mask we see from Dogold and Silver was controlled by a mask as well. Then after their debut fight they don't join with the team fully yet. Now the difference is that Tsukumaro felt bad for what he did to the team and again this was a great character moment for him. For Ustsu, we see a quick flashback of his memory and that's it for now. Then the biggest difference is the build up. When Loki appeared we saw many moments of when he hesitated and actually helped the Gaorangers. For Ustsu his build up started when Dogold started to use Ptreagordon, but that's it. The episodes before that he was just angry which really isn't hinting at anything since that's his emotion. I mean all we could have known was that Dogold just shared the same lightning power as the Zyudenryu. So yea the reveal for Ustsu is not that original and feels more forced than Gao Silver's. I just hope he gets some great traits since this is the official sixth here.
Now onto somethings I actually liked in this episode. First I liked how the team is splitting up to figure out different problems. Daigo instantly wants to know more about Ustsu and his secret technique that Dogold used on the team in the first minutes of the episode. He goes to Souji's father who actually has a scroll of this lightning attack. This was something else that was fun to see, a returning character like we had with Nossan's sister. Now we just have to wait for Amy's butler or her parents to appear. Daigo quickly figured out how to counter the move which is good, but I think it would have been better to have this scene be a little longer at least and have Daigo struggle with this training. For Ian and Nossan they try to think of a way to fight Ptreagordon and they just use a battery that wouldn't help and then Ian just thinks of an idea. So really Daigo's moment is more important since his scene didn't have to show a battery use for a random purpose. At least that fart battery got used to make a smoke screen so that the team could retreat.
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Going back to Amy and Souji who are still tied up and being held as hostages. This is when Dogold appears and Ustsu gets a little freedom for a while as he finds out what was making him angry all this time. It was the fact that he was fighting his own teammates. Makes sense too bad the show just started building this up in the last episode. Soon Dogold gets back his control once more and decides to leave the two alive, yea he was actually thinking of killing them, but he keeps them as bait. Amy though reveals a secret of hers and that is using a remote control with her feet.... then all of a sudden the narrator tells kids to not do this....WHAT?! This was properly the worst example of the humor for the show so far cause it's just comes out of nowhere and I bet this will never come up in future episodes because Souji as to keep it a secret. So yea Amy gets Souji free with her feet, also another thing that wasn't funny was how she started to say it probably got shippers excited. So they escape and now they easily defeat the Chaos monster from before, but now the big villains appear with another Chaos monster, yea it's exactly the same monster so now there are two of them.
Now onto Torin who has I said is getting better since we learn things about him. We find out that his body has been taking on a deadly toll since his last battle. If he fights too much his body starts to downgrade, but that doesn't stop him for wanting to save his old partner. He really stepped up for his moments in this episode as it shows how much desire he has to save Ustsu. The only bad thing is that he must have not cared for Ramirez that much then since he didn't risk his life for him at all. There was the foreshadowing scene from before when Ustsu told Amy and Souji that the battle had to end quickly because he knew Torin was not going to give up. Amy figured something out and leaves to get Ramirez to help out in this battle, but he doesn't do much. All he does is help Torin with using their souls into a battery so that Daigo can fire them at Dogold to break the spell that's on Ustsu. It's nice to see Cyan return, but I want to see him fighting the only fight he got was one moment when he knocked a giant creature with his hammer attack. I mean if Torin can get a fight why not Cyan. Heck I bet Torin won't fight much anymore since the team found out about his secret.
Now for the villains, first Chaos was never shown in this episode and why? I mean he was doing mostly everything that lead to this so why wouldn't he want to make sure they keep Ustsu? What we got was every other villain as they get defeated by the heroes. I know the show was telling us that they are strong warriors, but this doesn't mean they have an easy time fighting the main villains! It just makes these enemies look weak and incompetent. What's worse is that the two Chaos monsters are easily being whacked around by Nossan himself. I know Sentai does that cliche when a hero gets a sudden urge of power and defeats a foe all of a sudden, but here that was no suspense. The heroes were just winning the whole time. Even with Dogold and Daigo, he dodges the big attack the first time and gets a big hit on Dogold. Also I got a big question. If Dogold could have control Ustsu since the very beginning why have him be in control since we saw in this episode that even if Dogold is in full control he can use Ustsu's powers. I know Ustsu had blind rage, but wouldn't it be better to have the one who is used to his own body to be in control? What's worse is that when Gold appears he just defeats all the villains, except Dogold by himself.
Now onto the action of the show as there are three big moments to cover for this. First was the idea with the arm on weapons I mentioned in the last review. I was correct about what could be done as Souji gets Amy's and Nossan's weapon. Before that he was using his own and Amy's which was cool. I love seeing the heroes being able to use different weapons and different batteries. It adds a freshness to the fights as there can be something new coming around for another episode. Then we get to see a three way combination as Souji uses it like a big sword. What's better is that the drill is on top, so it's a drill sword! Then there was a new battery being used for Gabutrya as it extends his neck so that he could chomp on Ptreagordon and bring him to the ground. Then we got to see Gold in action.
I complained on how Gold just easily took on three of the big villains and the ever so powerful (NOT!) Chaos monster. I was still happy with the fight though. First Ustsu's transformation is like the team's, but he has a kabuki dance which is very simple and fits with how he is a samurai. Another thing is that his transformation device can also work like a slingshot as he can also fly/glide around while shooting foes. The device also carries the Ptrea look and his suit is great. The thing I like the most is that with the original five members the teeth pattern on their bodies look dumb, but Gold makes it work cause it actually uses colors that fit his color scheme. I got used to the mouth pieces, but Gold's skinny mouth piece works slightly better cause it doesn't suffer from the flaw the originals have and that is when you look at their helmets from other angles. Gold doesn't share that flaw as it's like two parts become one as it has two sides that are identical. Going on with Gold he has an awesome sword that can use three batteries. Each time he uses a one it acts like a stage of power. His finisher is really great and I really mean that. It summons lightning and it forms into letters that spell out his attack. It's a little goofy, but with the effects it really looked great and it reminds me of Kakuranger. Overall Gold's design and battle abilities are great as I can't wait to see him fight some more.
Now onto the mech battle as we get the reveal of the real Ptreraidenoh. I love the transformation it has as it separates into different parts and reforms for the second form. Also I love the helmet as well as it's opens up revealing the green eyes. I will say this though I am going to miss the cape :(. Still the mech looks great and my favorite part about it is that it can move freely pretty well. There were also great editing moments and even without them the fight really made Ptreraidenoh look like a fast moving mech compared to Kyoryujin. I love how the mech has two side blades to use in battle which is something I love a lot in general. The finisher was simple, but I love the idea that the Ptrea head can still attack with lightning and then having four slashes finish the fight is nice. As I said before Gold in battle is simply great as he holds a strong arsenal including his mech.
Overall the episode held some strong action moments which wasn't the strongest point for the series at times for me. Sadly though the story elements were much weaker compared to the other episodes. Many things felt rushed and scenes didn't feel as important either. Also the build up didn't last long and it doesn't feel rewarding at all. Finally Gold is awesome in battle, but his character needs some more traits for his character before I can have a full opinion on the guy since we don't know a lot about him. I would give this episode a C- mostly because the story telling in this episode was weak, but I still wasn't bored though thanks to of the fights.
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