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Monday, May 13, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 9 Review: Digging for Gold (Spoiler Alert!!)

For today's episode, Dogold is sent out to rampage once more as he is able to do more with Ptreagordon. How will the team be able to battle a Zyudenryu and will they come out on top?
I first need to talk about Torin as he got a whole lot better since episode one. I still remember his genius plan of making a sentai by not having the team know each other, but hey it all worked out anyways. Torin actually steps into the fight for this episode and that was great. There were also some good story moments with him which I will get to later. Torin is being more reliable now as he is actually helping out the team more than he used to. There is an explanation on why he doesn't fight as much as it seems he is low on power. I guess this could because of age since he wasn't revived like the Debos army was. Overall seeing Torin doing more things in an episode is a huge plus since he was just in the shadows most of the time and let his warriors do more than just the fighting at times.
The beginning of the episode was nice since it held more action than an usual Sentai episode. First the beginning showcased a huge fight as the team had to split up to take care of citizens, Dolgold, and Pteragordon. It was a huge event as it shows that the Debos army is always ready for a huge war like plan as Dolgold and Chaos really went out for it. This is all thanks to having the Zyudenryu as Dolgold is able to do more with it now. He can even perform the mech's transformation as this debuts Pteraidenoh into the show. Now it's an evil version as I know there will be little changes to when we all know who comes around. Still the design is great, I love the cape the most though. The black cape really sets the mood and it has a visor on it which is covering the eyes of the mech so again it's a nice mood setter. Again I will get to the action portion of it later, but now onto our king!
In the first fight, Daigo really shown off some great leader skills as he gets the team to split up for the different events. Of course he gets to fight Dogold along with Torin, but it was great to see him lead his team even in a situation that got worse quickly. Now Torin did tell him and Ian and Nossan (his nickname is easier to remember) to do the Snapping Combination to fight Pteraidenoh, but he did a lot of like usual. I will say there was one part I didn't like. Amy and Souji get captured and are held as hostages. Yes it's another hostage situation in a Sentai series, but what Daigo does was well dumb and completely too risky. He still fights back since he believe they will escape cause their strong... I think he failed to notice that they were tied up. I mean really he is risking their lives because of he believes they can make it out. Also Torin shut it about him being brave this time that was stupidity. So would Daigo do the same if his teammates had guns pointing at their heads? Also when he fights back for the first time, he spun that gun a little too much.
Another thing new in the villain section of this episode is that we get to see the first Debos monster from Chaos himself. I love how it's done, he can just summon his creature whenever he wants. That does bring up something though, why didn't he do this when other plans were going badly. The only reason he did this was because Dogold retreated in the first battle. The monster he did summon then was an interesting one. First thing to notice is that he has all three signs of emotions on him meaning like Chaos himself. The thing is that I want to say it's a Jellyfish like monster, but I'm not one hundred percent sure. I will say he did seem strong cause he easily captured Amy and Souji, but then he is easily defeated by two other members. Well he did get the surprise attack on the other two, but yea. For one of Chaos' monsters he sure did seem just like another MOTW.
Now for Dogold and if you have watched Gaoranger you will know this story pretty well. Unlike the Loki arc in Gaoranger that had some good depth with the character this time it's pretty simple. I mean the show makes it very obvious as I was predicting this since I heard his name. Dogold, you know what's in his name, GOLD! Now I will say I did like seeing Dogold having an inner confrontation with himself as things did seem odd for a revived warrior. At first I thought he had just forgotten since it did seem like he died in the past. Here's the story, the warrior who was Kyoryu Gold was actually possessed by Dogold as was just the armor now. This is revealed when the team fully sees a human face in Dogold. Then the face part of the armor starts to talk as this is Dogold. The whole time they had Utsusemimaru be in control because he got angry a whole lot easier. This is because he has no idea of what is happening to him, but this backfires as Dogold doesn't even start to fight back.The thing I have to question though if Dogold can still act as armor why didn't he just do the fighting?
 Another big flaw in this episode was how the reveal was done, since just talking about it made it obvious that a plot twist was going to happen. I mean having Ustsu (yea I'm not typing the full name over and over again) not being found after a battle just means he was going to come up very soon. I mean we are nine episodes in and we already get to see what Kyoryu Gold looks like. I mean this is very early and I know episode ten will be when he comes to the team. So ten episodes in and we get a six reveal, what is this Power Rangers? I know sixth warriors have been coming in the teen numbers, but the first one? Also another thing I would to mention is when Dogold's armor was being cracked up they started to use a different helmet and it's very obvious! Was it that hard to make the same helmet? The worst thing about this reveal is that the only thing we know about Ustsu is that he got really mad because he wanted revenge for his fallen comrades and he gets taken. Overall the big reveal is way too early as it just seems forced as this could have been saved up for a big arc.
Now for the action portion of the show and it saves this episode somewhat. First there was mecha fight in the beginning which is great and it's actually a good one. First how it was set up was well done since this is the first time the team sees Pteraidenoh and it turns the table when it was just introduced. Sadly though, Daigo started to take the spotlight in that fight like he always does. I mean the only parts he doesn't interfere are when characters have some insight or a flashback. At least he didn't steal the light when Torin had his first fight in the series. I will say I did like how Daigo countered the new mech by having Nossan firing the shield as it still blocks the laser while Ian shoots it away, reflecting the beam, and then shooting at the mech. Also it lasted a little longer than the usual ones so that's good to know.
Then the final fight for the episode was well, boring. I mean the build up for the Chaos monster was wasted because we just see Nossan and Ian take him on just like any other MOTW before him. What was worse is that Dogold wasn't fighting at first and seeing Daigo just firing at him just seemed wrong. Now I did like how Ian gave Daigo his arm on weapon and thus Daigo used a combination of the two weapons for a big attack. I like this idea a lot since this means there can be tons of combinations for this. First this combination makes sense since in the Kentrospiker combination the red and black weapon combine. So this means that they will still have to follow the order. So it could go on with black and blue, blue and green, and then green and pink. With that aside though that was the only thing that really got in my head during that fight and not the action itself.
Overall this episode was good still, but there are some really big flaws. Mostly the episode was great in the beginning, but started to fall down after the first fight. So much build up was wasted for Dogold and the Chaos monster as I hope there will be more of them before their deaths. Heck I wonder what will happen with Dogold if Ustsu breaks free. Daigo had a great leader moment in the beginning, but then he did something that was far too risky. Torin had good parts which was great as I am starting to like his character more now. Also everyone else was just there and did things and didn't play any big parts. Which is because Daigo keeps hogging the spotlight. I give this episode a C because I wasn't bored overall, just really disappointed at times.
Next Time: The (I so hope it will be a) golden reveal

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