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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 20 Review: Magnetism of the Youth

We start off after Kengo yelling at Gen as Meteor is having trouble fighting the dragon Zodiarts. Gen uses Elek States though to help him fight and Meteor thinks of a plan by having them attack at the same time. They both use their Limit Breaks and it somewhat works as it knocks down the Zodiart, but he quickly attacks them back and flees. Yuki sees id Gen is alright and Kengo is still ticked off and tells Gen that he is sick of him. Ryusei is watching this from afar and sees that no matter what Gen does it will turn out badly. Gentarou tries to ask for help, but Kengo refuses saying he is a part of the track team now and Ryusei wonders if he can fight the Dragon by himself. With Hayami now as he is being questioned by officers about the monster attacks and how he won't let them investigate the school grounds. Gamou though comes in and uses hypnotism and the two officers to make them leave. Also Gamou isn't all that happy about how he has to cover things up and there still isn't much progress on the other Horoscopes, but Hayami promises him that the new student will be a member. With the club they are two squads, one to find the Magphone and one to get Kengo back. Miu, Gen, Tomoko, and Jake are looking for the phone while the other three go for Kengo. Yuki wonders if Gen wants to change sides, but he knows he has to find the Magphone first before asking for forgiveness.
With the track team now as it seems that Egawa has been getting better at her throwing and Kengo remembers about the monster using an attack like that. Kengo still thinks about helping Gentarou as well and wonders about why the Magphone didn't work, but he then wonders why hes even thinking about that. With the search team Miu, Tomoko, and Jake are dressed up for the military for some reason and try any means of search. Meanwhile Gen is using the Flash and Screw (whoops I got that name wrong in another post) Switch to look in the water, but no luck at all. With the Kengo squad things start off badly as Yuki tires to approach him like Gen would, but that doesn't work. Egawa comes back from her run and wonders if the three are friends of his, but he just says they are from another club (that's cold). Egawa tries to keep Kengo around because of his advice and Yuki tries to ask Kengo to come back to help Gen, but he says that Gen ignored his advice from before. Ryusei gets a flashback with his friend Jirou and Kengo says he won't care for Gentarou anymore just like Ryusei said to Jirou. Ryusei snaps and holds Kengo by his coat, but stops and tells him that he shouldn't say that or he would regret it later.
The dragon appears again though and the students start to flee. Ryusei quickly transform into Meteor when he gets the chance and fights him off. The fight isn't going well and Yuki tries to call Gen, but Kengo won't allow that. Shun though finally talks and says why must the two always act like this and the worst part is that Kengo isn't even trying to apologize, but he is wrong as Kengo has been doing this for his sake. Meteor though gets an idea and gets the guys away from the fight. He then uses Jupiter to deflect the dragon's fire back at him and retreat. After the fight Kengo leaves with Egawa for more training and Yuki calls Gen. Seeing the situation, Miu gets Gen to join the other team as they will find the Magphone. Now that the team doesn't have Gen how will they possibly fine the phone. Tomoko though brings out the skin of a white snake and uses it so she could sense the phone...okay then. Ryusei meets up with Kengo at the track and just asks him to apologize to Gentarou. Ryusei remembers how he said he was doing all of this for Gen's sake and brings up why he was adjusting the switches. Gentarou wanted Kengo to have it easy since he has his health problems and wanted Ryusei to take part of his job. During his speech he compares to the two as magnets and when they have similar ideas they repel, but all Kengo has to do is change a little and they will be back together.
Gen then comes to track to try to apologize again as Yuki and Shun are happy to see him. They try to reach to Kengo, but Egawa and the coach get in their way. Nozami (the coach) tells Egawa that she shouldn't have been using amateur's advice and that this "relationship" as changed her. Shun tries to calm things down, but Nozami thinks that Shun is Meteor and goes into Last One (I got that wrong as well, I thought since he had the yellow dots on him already that he surpassed Last One). Gen transforms into Fourze and fights Nozami, but he gets distracted because of Kengo falling down. All of a sudden Meteor appears and attacks with the Saturn attack and now he is surpassing Last One. The dragon tries to grab for Meteor's belt while Gen is apologizing to Kengo. Gen says that's all he can do and when the fight is over he will do it again. The search them are then digging and they already made a big ditch already, but still continue. Jake starts to complain as the two girls are still digging. Tomoko uses the dog roid (why didn't you use that earlier?) as the dog starts to dig very quickly. During the fight the search team show up with Ichigo's sound effects and the Magphone! Kengo now tells Gen that the phone still needs to be modified and Meteor asks for the Elek Switch. The switch actually works with Meteor's belt and he will buy Fourze some time.
Kengo says he will do the rest of the programming and it will be finally time to use Magnet States. During this Egawa sees that Gen is the one who needed Kengo's advice the most. Gen says everything is his fault, but Kengo says that things weren't working out well because they were just worried about each other too much. Also the way how the switches react is by how Gen is feeling so when he first tried to separate it the magnetic force was too strong. All Kengo has to do is adjust how the phone will react and admits that Ryusei helped him and that he felt jealous of him becuase he though Ryusei was replacing him. Kengo then sees that his pride got in the way and asks for Gen's forgiveness. Gen doesn't need to say anything though as they are friends and the two get their friendship back! Meteor tries a Limit Break, but the dragon easily knocks him down. Gentarou now full of confidence gets ready to separate the phone, he does, and goes into Magnet States! The form has strong powers and with the two turrets he blast the zodiart away. Also the two turrets combine into a magnet like weapon as it gets the metal balls and throws them back at him. Gen then uses the new finisher, Rider Railgun Bomber and it crushes the opponent literally! Everyone comes down to congratulate Gen, but Meteor is disappointed that Dragon didn't become Aries and gives back the Elek switch. While leaving Meteor sees that they are a good team after all and Miu just realizes that Ryusei isn't around.
Back with Gamou and he isn't happy to hear the Nozami is being hospitalized now and his chances of becoming a horoscope are very slim. Hayami though already has another plan started and Gamou relies on him to increase the pace since there are many students to choose. In the Rabbit Hutch and the gang is just goofing around until Kengo comes back with news that Egawa won her meet. Kengo got a medal for helping and decides to place it near the computer, but realizes that this isn't his personal space, but Gen and Ryusei says that having Kengo adjust the switches is the best. Kengo though says that he is fine sharing the job and soon an argument begins between Gen and Kengo about Ryusei being nice by giving back Kengo's job and all he thinks is that the two need to stop fighting over him.
That's episode 20 and was there a lot to talk about in this episode. It's really great though because of how Kengo and Gentarou were acting. Kengo does have a pride issue so seeing him get angry with him being replaced is reasonable. It's funny that the two were just caring about each other and that's how they get into the fight. The fights were great because Ryusei was easily adapting to the monster and used a lot more techniques. Along with that I am liking that he is already acting different than his first appearance which is showing that he is opening up. The Zodiart though is pretty basic and I was right about Egawa not being it, but at least the Zodiart was a good fighter. Egawa was a pretty good character, but she was better in the last episode which is only because she had more screen time. She realized that Kengo is doing something much bigger than track and knows that his advice for Gentarou is much more important. Another big plus is that the whole club was interacting in this episode even though if it was small at times like with Shun. It's still nice to see all the characters being used and are not being forgotten which was happening in previous episodes. Magnet States is a pretty good form and brings some originality to the power house forms. The motif of Magnets is different as well and so far it's my favorite form because of that. It may look a little bulky, but again it fits the motif (unlike the shogun mode for Samurai). Overall this is a great episode with all of the characters being used effectively and the fights were great, but sadly the Zodiart was the only flaw, an A-
Next Week: Hurricane Blue is a teacher?

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