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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 48 Review: Bite the Dust (Spoiler Alert!!!)

Well we start off this episode recapping the greatness from the last episode has Basco finally wins. With the death of Sally he has taken all the keys, Navi, and the Galleon. Everyone starts to wake up including and they realize that after their loss, Basco has taken their ranger keys. Even access to the Galleon is impossible and Navi isn't responding. Meanwhile with Basco he puts the great powers of the five he has to the sets of keys. Navi who is tied up escapes by using a knife to cut herself free. Basco locks up the place and uses the Gokaiger keys for his summons. With the gang, they hide in an abandoned church and all of their hope is gone as they think Basco will get the treasure. A good question is brought up though by Ahim and that is what Marvelous was going to do with the treasure. He doesn't know though and doesn't even know what it is exactly. The team try to think of what it could be like a lot of gold or something worth a lot of wealth. Marvelous though just wants the treasure because it is the most wanted thing by all pirates and having that would be like owning the whole universe. He doesn't want to give up though because if he does the dream will just vanish. The scene is interrupted though as Navi calls Luka.
Navi tells them where the Galleon is, but stops because of Gokai Red. She hides for a while and whispers for help. With this the gang has one more shot at Basco and to save dreams. Marvelous tries to go with them, but he is held back because of his injuries. The five find the ship, jump down, and break into the Galleon. The plan is now to split up and meet back at the cabin and hopefully they will get Basco off guard. The Gokaiger summons though appear as they have to fight themselves! Doc also notices about his own posing as the summon just wipes it's hands on the pants. A fight begins between the gang and their Sentai powers and if they defeat them they can take their powers back. Navi thinks she got away from Gokai Red, but it tricks her and finds her easily. The fight seems to be on the hero's side as they steal their own weapons from the summons and can easily out skill them. Back with Marve and he tries to leave, but his wounds stop him as he notices what he has been carrying onto. It was a part of the charm that Sally had on before she was killed in the explosion. We also find out that when Marve tried to get it away from Sally, she put the bomb inside of herself to save him.
Navi is caught by Gokai Red and Basco tells her about her purpose and she is the door to the greatest treasure! The summons also return and Basco tries to get them back into their key form, but Blue shoots at him. The team won and took back their keys, but Basco still has Red on his side as he appears in his monster form. The team fight the red summon by transforming into other red rangers and they easily defeat it and get that key back. The team use the Galleon Buster with Special Charge this time to attack Basco, but he easily reflects the attack back at them. He gets the Buster and takes back the five keys and he gets his gun to ready to finish them off. Luckily though Marvelous appears and stops him before he could shoot. Even with his injuries he still wants to fight Basco because its all going to end now. Before their fight Basco tells Marve about AkaRed and how he came from this planet. He also says that AkaRed used the treasure as bait and was gathering the keys so that the heroes could get their powers back. Basco even goes farther by saying he didn't betray him at all, but it was AkaRed who betrayed them from the start. That doesn't matter though, Marve isn't part of the Red Pirates anymore and everything is gathered for the treasure. He fights for the Gokaigers' dream now and anyone who wants to get in the way will get blown away.
Now the final fight begins as Basco attacks and Marvelous gets his key back from Joe and transforms. The fight seems even as they both blow each other away with their guns. The two both use their finishers as the attacks clash and explode. Their weapons get mixed up as Marve fights with two swords and Basco uses both of the guns. Basco tries to shoot him down, but Marve keeps blocking the shots and reaches him. Basco though blocks both of the swords and shoots him down sending him away. Marve though jumps back and throws the sword at him knocking the Gokai Gun out of Basco's hand. Basco then uses his speed attack and continues to shoot at Marve. The fight seems over as Basco prepares for the final shot, but Marve dodges it though and picks up the sword again. To keep Basco from moving though, Marve stomps on his foot and stabs the sword into both of their feet! Marve slashes Basco close range and Basco shoots at Marve close range as an explosion covers the two. The team now in shock thinking that their captain could be dead as the two are lying down on the ground. Basco though gets up first, but it seems he doesn't have much time left. Marvelous though gets up as well and the bullet didn't go through his flesh, but it got stuck into the part of the charm. Basco realizes what it is and dies with a smirk on his face. Basco's body vanishes away as the keys are the only things left as Marvelous picks them up and then falls on the ground. With Basco gone now they can finally get to the treasure!
That's episode 48 and OMG!!!!! This episode arc is simply the best. First there is Basco who is just a great villain overall. He uses betrayal to move himself up and it has been working for him, but in the end it what causes him to lose. I loved seeing his reaction that charm blocked the bullet because he finally sees that betrayal doesn't work. This doesn't mean that he regrets anything he has done, but he accepts his defeat. The episode also makes me feel for Sally so much more because for her last act she wanted to be a hero. Again it shows that Sally finally sees what is right and decides to offer her life for another. Marvelous was in top form as well because of his passion for his dreams and how that pushed him even now. The fights were flawless with the team facing their own powers was great with showing that skill can always win. Also the final fight between Basco and Marve is absolutely the best fight in the series! The two were very even and such great choreography, this is why I like seeing live action fights and not the CGI stuff. The amount of effort that was put into the fight just makes it feel better than just using computer animations to do the whole fight. Overall this is another amazing episode for the series and one of the best. The drama was really well done and held a great amount of suspense and the fights did the same and were just done perfectly. This episode is easily an A+!!! I also noticed that this is my 200th post! Really good timing I must say to have a review like this for the 200th post (I didn't even notice after I finished the post, lol).
Next Week: O_O!!! Five?!!

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