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Monday, January 30, 2012

Power Ranger Super Samurai Promo...

So yes the promo for the new season is out and in the 18th of February we will see Super Samurai... First the promo mentions a new evil awakening, he isn't new he appeared in the RPM crossover. Also they are using the Super modes from Shinkenger. One thing I am liking in this promo are the shots out the heroes out of suit fighting. This does remind me of Shinkenger, but with the way of how it is directed makes it feel a little different. The biggest thing though is the upcoming battlizer and eh. First I do like the helmet design, but my goodness the top gold part of it is way too big. Along with that the shoulders are huge! The rest of the suit is okay though and does give off a shogun like look. Also points for creativity, for having the gun weapon become an attachment to a rod like weapon. So overall this part of the season could be better, but that isn't saying much. I'm still expecting the same copy and paste scenes, but with some little differences along the way because of how they are using Decker and Dayu. I can't wait for the Bulk and Spike episode though I mean it took this long for them to actually have some real interaction with the team and not just bumping into each other. One more thing there is an pretty good error with the promo, when you hear Jayden say "victory is ours" I think that is the female shinkenred.

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