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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Scans Switches 32-36 And New Zodiarts

More and more switches are coming and the limit is said to be 40, but there will be more. First is the Freeze switch which is a freezer, I guess it will send ice attacks. Its a simple switch, but should be effective also this switch will go with another roid. Remind me of simple the 33rd switch is the Claw switch and it reminds me of OOO's Tora Claws, nothing much to say its a claw. Next is 34 and its Board, its a switch that will summon a snowboard on the leg. Another interesting switch, but I bet it can have some sort of gliding to it so some switches like Claw should work well. Next is Big Foot which is 35 and this is an odd switch, but probably a very strong one. First getting stomped on will hurt a lot, but it's just weird. Lastly there is 36, the Fan switch and it will make strong gusts to blow enemies away. Sadly I was hoping for a switch like Fan would be a States Form and could easily still be on the leg, oh well at least its a switch. Now we get some new monsters, including the Cancer Horoscope! The best thing though in this video is an upcoming form for Meteor, you can't really tell what it will be, but I know it already. It will be a white form called Comet, let's see if I will be correct.

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