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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poll Results #19

How Do You Think Go-Busters Will Do?
Great- 27
Good- 15
Bad- 2
Horrible- 4

Did You Like Episode 17 Of Fourze?
Yes- 15
No- 3
Did You Like Episode 18 Of Fourze?
Yes- 11
No-  1

How Do You Think Super Samurai Will Do?
Great- 7
Good- 11
Bad- 3
Horrible- 10

My Thoughts
As I said before, I am hoping Go-Busters will do great because of it's title mostly. It will be very nice that the series uses some elements from the Ghostbusters movies. Kamen Rider Meteor is a great character I love his anti-hero ways, but sadly the his first two episodes weren't the greatest. Lastly Super Samurai.... you know what I'm going to say. I want something good, but I know this series won't do that at all, but there is some hope.
Bulk in a Samurai suit... YES!!!!

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