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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Off Topic: Favorite Video Games Part 5 Favorite Character

Video games always had characters even though back then they were never fully fledged out. Now these days video games do act like movies at times so that means that the characters develop in the story. That is one thing I am liking the most about more recent games which is the story, but there is a character who started in the 8 bit era and he is still awesome now.
Yes it's Zero the strongest maverick hunter ever! This character is still amazing even know because of a great story he had behind him. In the past of the original Megaman series Wily was actually building a new robot. This was Zero and Wily called him his greatest invention and treated him like a person just like Light did with Megaman. Sadly though Zero was too much of a rebel and Wily had to seal him away and do further work on him. For some reason though Zero was never awoken again until the future. When he awoke he acted like how a Wily robot would and that is attack other robots. He was seen as a maverick at first and Sigma fights him. Even with the bad English dub that fight was amazing, Zero didn't even have a sword and yet he nearly defeated Sigma. A part of Wily still lived in Zero though as a program started to hurt him and there Sigma gave a punch to him breaking the glass on his forehead. In reality Zero was the carrier of the Maverick Virus and when Sigma punched him it passed on to him. Now at first Zero wasn't playable in the first X games, but when he was playable those were the best moments in Megaman IMO.
Then there is my favorite Megaman game, X4. This is due because of Zero's story. This is when we find out about him and how he was the carrier. He even went through some tough times because he had to kill a friend and he accidentally killed a lover. Even with these conflicts he still fights along with X. I just love how much story they put into Zero and it's ironic that he seems to be more of a main character than X. In every X game I hope for Zero to be around because he is just simply the best. He does have a bad attitude at times, but that's how he was back then with Wily. He does change overall though and can make conclusions for the best, even with his great powers he sees X has the better hunter. Soon though Zero's legacy continued with the Megaman Zero games. Now I personally liked the games, but that is because of the story again. Throughout all of the X games Zero has been gaining more power, but the virus has been growing as well. He soon seals himself away, but everything doesn't go well at all. A new villain appears and takes Zero's original body, but Zero still lived on in a new body. At first when I played the 3rd game I really believed that the Zero I was playing as was a copy and I killed the real Zero at the end. It was just the body though and Zero continued on his fight, for one more game. In the end of MZ 4 Zero offered his life to finally defeat Weil, even though his fate is unknown its sad to think that he dies.
In the end, Zero is just simply my favorite character of all gaming. He looks and acts awesome, with a great story behind him it's no wonder I will never forget about him. This also gets me on about MVC3 with Zero being around, but no Megaman? I love Zero, but why not have the main character in the roster? Hopefully though there will be dlc's and I could soon fight as Zero with Megaman (maybe even Axl).
I will always play as Zero in that game

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