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Friday, January 27, 2012

The War Is Upon Us!

The first scans of the first Sentai X Rider movie are out and excitement is coming, but also confusion. First is that Decade is back with Dai Shocker and it seems that we have a new gen Doctor G from V3. First why is Decade back with the villains and if hes a villain again does this take place in his past? Also Marvelous is leading a group of villains as well and I think its Black Cross again. I do know why he is doing this though it's to fight off Decade and Shocker. Meanwhile it seems thanks to Decade the worlds are combining because of Sentai villains in Fourze's world. Decade is also going to fight the new team, Go-Busters and they are having it tough, first Basco and now Decade. In the middle of the war the new heroes will team up to try to stop the war.
Then here is part of the war, no duh this isn't everything, but we got the 2000's rider facing off some 2000 Sentai, but also some old gen teams. Double and Kiva are going to face Akaranger and could that mean the whole team as well? Of course Decade and Gokai Red will fight, but Marvelous probably lost all the other ranger keys so he could be at a disadvantage. Now something personal to me, this is my opinion, which is the fact that I think Kamen Riders have a better chance at winning. I know there won't be any winner expect when the team join together. Still riders to me have more skill because of they fight alone. There are team ups, but mostly riders fight alone. Sentai may have teamwork, but riders have taken higher numbers before. Also there is something bugging me, I see Fourze in Elek States, but I can't tell who he is fighting. Maybe it's Dekared and pink? Overall this movie is going to be a blast no matter what as the two franchises will finally clash!


  1. It's not Black Cross, but the team is called Dai Zangyack...yeah, not creative at all...

    And Fourze's opponent there doesn't look like Deka Red. Red Hawk maybe? But the above part looks like a sword-like weapon...Shinken Red w/ Rekka Daizantou?

  2. Dai Zangyack? You're right about that and also I saw another scan showing Fourze fighting GokaiRed so that could be another image of them fighting.