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Friday, January 27, 2012

Special Post: 50,000 Views! My Top Five Worst Kamen Riders

It hasn't even been a year yet and I already got over 50k views, I know in today that isn't much, but I feel happy about it and glad that I decided to do this. Now it's impossible to like everything in a franchise, there will be scenes and characters that just tick you off at times. This list are for the characters that I just hated in the Kamen Rider franchise and it's only five because I don't hate a lot of riders and if I did ten I could have to bash on a rider or two that I like.
5. Kamen Rider Goldra and Silvera (from Cho Den-o and Decade)
First, yes these two are riders. Some people hate these guys so much that they don't want to call them riders. Sadly though they say Henshin and have traits of riders so they count. These two are some of the worst villains ever. First you get the usual big headed guy who just uses power to get through everything. Also his older brother looks like a drag queen and is supposed to be smart, but he gets tricked in the dumbest way possible. I do like their designs, but their out of suit designs are ugly.

4. Kamen Rider Alternative (from Ryuki)
A lot of people don't know before Alternative Zero, there was just Alternative. Yea he only lasted for one episode. I mean there was no point of him being around. The first time we see him fight he gets killed by Taiga. The character himself was sort of an ass and I didn't care for him at all, but characters shouldn't just be in an episode just to get killed.

3. Kamen Rider Shuki (from Hibiki)
Now I guess she was supposed to act like a bitch so that Zanki could go back to his fight. Still I hated Shuki, at first before she gets her powers back she wears armor to attack the monsters and if I remember correctly she did attack other riders. She is even the reason why Zanki is having issues fighting just so she could kill a beast that killed her family. Now revenge does take over some people, but I hate it when they ignore everyone else and could even try to harm them for their goals. The worst part is that she is so crazy for revenge she kills herself for it. For me revenge is something for heroes to overcome, not to be an obstacle.

2. Kamen Rider Yuuki (from Farewell Den-o)
I did enjoy the movie, but the villain just sucked. With Goldra and Silvera I at least know about them. This guy I barely know anything about. All I know he is a ghost who wants to change sides with the living. So mostly that means that the living will become dead and the dead will come to life. That's fine, but why? I guess he just wants to live again, but the movie never tells us or gives us much background info on the guy. He also has a thing for the girl Sora who mostly just stays silent. So overall I hate this rider because there isn't much story behind him.
1. Kamen Rider Kick and Punch Hopper (from Kabuto)
That's right these two are the riders that I just hate the most. First the only reason they are around is because the character Sou was being forgotten so they had to bring him back somehow. Also I get how he became all depressed, but it still seemed random for him to appear out of nowhere. He soon gets Shun to join him to become Punch Hopper and my goodness what happened to him. Again it makes sense that he wanted to follow Sou, but he acted so weird. The worst part is that every rider has some sort of explanation how they found their Zecters, but these two its just random. Even Zect didn't even know about them. To me these characters are useless and gave away screen time from Thebee and Drake. So that's my list feel free to comment and this time I will take the tough criticism this time so don't hold back.


  1. 5.goldra and silvera were not to bad. i thought they were simple characters.
    4.which episode was kamen rider alternative in?
    3.hibiki was boring.
    2.yuuki had a cool design but was a confusing character.
    1.comic relief characters eh.

  2. ok sorry my computer is being a butt so as I said I would definitely add Kiriya and Kusaka if I did this I'd add in a one per series rule (though Hibiki's AR world is the only one I consider cannon because it was the intended ending to the original series presumably because Kiriya didn't become Hibiki's disciple ) because I am not a fan of how most Riders of Ryuki were considered one off monsters such as Scissors, Gai, Altenative(not Alternative Zero), and Imperer(obviously there are exceptions like Zolda, Raia, Ouja, Tiger, and Alternative Zero) since most people here know about Kusaka and AT LEAST he got what was coming to him at the end Kiriya became Hibiki's disciple and the main reason I wasn't a big fan of Hibiki 30- HE JUST RUINED THE WHOLE THING he was shoehorned in just to give Asumu competition and I wouldn't have minded it if he WASN'T AN @$$HOLE WHO THOUGHT HE WAS BETTER THAN EVERYONE in fact his reason for becoming an Oni was to surpass Hibiki, Shuki was unlikeable but Kiriya ruined Hibiki for me Yuichi is lucky he got to be Den-o 2 years later,
    #5 yeah I hated both of them
    #4 does anyone even remember this guy
    #3 Yeah she falls into the one off type of character in Ryuki
    #2 haven't seen that movie at least with Gaoh, Nega Den-o, G Den-o, those two idiots from that movie we will all agree never to speak about AGIAN(Cho Den-o and Decade I am a hardcore Den-o fan BUT MY GOD THAT MOVIE)
    #1 I haven't seen Kabuto yet but I like the development they gave them