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Friday, January 27, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 47 Review: Onore!!! (Spoiler Alert!!!)

The time has finally come, with all the grand powers collected the only thing left is to see which group will get them all. Marvelous and the crew try to think of a way to go against Basco and finding him will be a hard task since his ship doesn't appear on radar. Ahim thinks of a plan to just call him since he is after them as well, so luring him out will be easier than looking for him. Marve gives it a shot and Basco actually picks up and he wants the duel to be tomorrow, but Basco doesn't like that and anyways he found them already. So he summons two of his roids to attack the ship. The two roids get the first attack by hardening them with gold (which reminds me of Bara Gold from Ohranger) and the other one attacks with sun powers. Even with a barrage of special attacks the two roids don't go down yet as the team go into Kazen form. During the fight though Basco knows that they will win and these are the last of his robots and he can't get help from the Zangyack either. The team defeat the roids who hug before their death.... alright then. They look around for Basco and they see him pointing his gun at Sally and soon firing at her! Marve then flashes back to the past when he was betrayed by Basco and feels pity for Sally so he gets her on the ship to treat her wounds.
Sally though is still a little frantic and is constantly moving around. Gai though tries to talk like a monkey like Doc did before as Luka remembers that and he soon joins Gai in the talk. Another flashback of Marve's as it shows us that he was good friend with Basco before as he was treating his wounds and then looks back onto the day when he betrayed him. Marve goes outside and Joe follows him and wonders what he is thinking of doing. Joe thinks this is a trap though, but even if that was an act, Sally could be betrayed by Basco some other time. Anyways Marve is going to let her go after her wounds have healed, but Joe has to ask if that's true because Marve is actually a lot softer than he appears to be. Back with Basco and we see that all of this is a trap by Basco. The plan is to have Sally steal the treasure chest and after giving her a charm he points his gun at her. During that night Sally wakes herself up and sees the treasure chest. She tries to go for it, but when she sees her bandages and thinks about the team helping her. Sally has trouble though deciding what to do because there is bananas on one side or the kindness on the other side. In the end though Sally decides to side with Basco as she grabs the chest.
By morning Sally reaches up to Basco with the chest in her hands. While running to him though she thinks about how he shot her from before. After taking one more step the Gokaigers come out as they were following Sally. Also the chest is a fake, but they still are mad at Basco for overdoing it. Marvelous then asks Sally is she really does see Basco as her partner. Basco sees this as a way to sway Sally to their side, but after Gai talks back at him for attacking her Basco replies with that she is as happy to follow his orders. She is easily tempted though by a banana and starts to go to Basco, but Marve stops her. Sally starts to struggle again, but this time she goes to the hero's side. At first Basco looks mad, but he starts to laugh and says would he trust a monkey. There was a second part to his plan and with the team away from the Galleon he also plans to get rid of Marvelous with a bomb inside of the charm! He activates it and Marve tries to get it, but it explodes knocking Marve out and killing Sally! The rest of the team is completely pissed off and they fight Basco. The team use Dairanger, Hurricanger, and Gingaman, but Basco easily counters back and defeats them. Now with team defeated, Basco takes the Galleon for himself and even takes the Gokaiger keys! Now that Basco has gotten everything it seems that all is lost and he will gain the greatest treasure in the universe.
That's episode 47 and it's probably one of the best episodes in the series and franchise I must say. First I never hated Sally because she was just a simple character who just followed Basco. This episode really shown her conscious finally kicking in and seeing that Basco is not for her. Basco himself never disappoints me because this guy is just low and with killing his own partner is the worst thing he has done. It even plays out like how Basco betrays AkaRed because he sets up a trap and gets rid of them, even though I don't think he was planning on killing AkaRed. Marvelous was great as well because showing his true emotions is great and fit for this episode because Sally has been shot down by Basco which reminds him of his past. There is one odd thing though, during the Megaranger tribute episode he was actually worried about Sally. I guess this shows that he grew away from that and decides to get rid of her. The fights were great including the giant fight because having challenging foes is always good for intense scenes. I also see a little tribute where the team uses Dairanger to fight Basco because of when the Dairanger team had to fight Jin when Ryou couldn't fight. Overall a great dramatic episode showing why rival villains are much better than the main villains, an A+
Next Week: The Rivals Clash!

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